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PM Urges Japan To Properly Handle Sensitive Issues In Bilateral Ties

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang yesterday urged Japan to properly handle and manage sensitive issues in bilateral ties and called for concerted efforts to maintain and strengthen the positive momentum in the rapprochement between China and Japan.

Citing the recent rough patch of China-Japan interaction, Li said during talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that the two countries both know the causes and should summarize the past and draw lessons from it.

Historical issues closely relate to the political foundation of China- Japan ties and the national sentiment of 1.3 billion Chinese people, Li said, expressing the hope that Japan can be fully aware of the high sensitivity of the issues and will honour its commitment by facing up to and reflecting on history.

The talks, held at the request of the Japanese side, came after the two leaders joined South Korean President Park Geun-hye at the first China-Japan-South Korea summit in three and a half years.

China-Japan relations, which suffered traumatizing blows in 2012 and 2013 due to Japanese provocations on territorial and historical issues, have witnessed gradual recovery since the two countries reached a four-point principled agreement in November last year, which paved the way for an ice-breaking meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Abe days later.

China and Japan need to properly handle the sensitive issues in bilateral political relations under the spirit of looking at history squarely and taking history as a mirror, and keep a firm grasp on the overall development of their strategic relationship of mutual benefit, the premier added.

He also hoped the Japanese side should adopt a positive China policy and meet with China half way, so as to improve bilateral ties continuously. Now bilateral security dialogue and exchanges between the two countries’ governments, legislatures and political parties have resumed, and high-level contact has also been picking up steam.

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