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BREAKING: Driver Escape Death After Car Went Airborne‏

Emergency services called to rescue the occupant of a car that miraculously “grew wings” and crashed into a roof in Kwamakhutha Township in Durban, South Africa, found that no-one was injured in the incident.
Someone sleeping in the house was said to have woken up when a large pickup truck crashed through the roof, while the driver miraculously escaped unhurt.
The driver of the vehicle said he drove over a ‘ramp’ of some sort, which made the car crash through the roof.
The accident baffled the officials of ER24, the emergency care service that responded to the incident. The cause of the car’s flight is still unknown as it beats their imagination.
The most surprising aspect of the accident is that, picture from the scene show the car’s back end clearly nosedived into the house.
Witnesses at the scene said the car went “flying” off the road before it collided with the house.

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