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Stakeholder Unveils Plan For “Dubai Shopping Festival”

A stakeholder has disclosed tourism plan for the 2016 edition of “Dubai Shopping Festival”, noting that it is aimed at showcasing Dubai Tourism to consumers

Representative of Dubai to Nigeria, Stella Obinwa has unveiled tourism plan for the 2016 edition of “Dubai Shopping Festival”, aimed at showcasing Dubai Tourism and to bring the country to the fore front of the consumers.

Obinwa who was speaking at the Dubai exhibition stand during the last “Akwaaba” in Lagos said it was developed to keep Dubai in the fore front of the consumers by the Tourism Board.

She spoke during a chat with newsmen added that the plan was a channel to sell all sort of activities that can appeal Nigeria and Africa in general, activities include sport activities, musical activities, comfort zone among others.

According to her, Dubai’s tourism is sponsoring 200 Nigerians in January to travel to Dubai every year to experience the Dubai shopping festival Dubai Tourism is spending for every thing. The flight ticket, the flight ticket, the 5Star accommodation, their visas, their brand transportation and we will try to do program like this every quota. There is no qualifications to be chosen. They will just have to go to our online and fill out whatever they have. On the December 5th they will have a venue where they will do the draw. They will select 100 people to go on a trip to Dubai and it is strictly consumers but there will be other trip they will focus on the Media.

Explaining further, “Nigerians are very luxurious, they like to relax, they like to experience and they like to try new things and they like to spend money and that is everything that can buy tourism”.

Dubai is equally the easiest country for Nigeria to get a visa to. Ones you buy your ticket and you go to a travel agency; 48 hours you have your visa. Dubai makes it very easy. What they need is your passport copy. They don’t need the two hundred million documents that US Ambassador and UK Ambassador will ask for. “It is a mini easy process”, she hinted

“The participant we come with are best with what they do but you have to realized that in Dubai we have 200 5Star hotels and they are all excellent but these are just the one that are exceptional notice to make themselves available. The next time we participate in Akwaaba it could be triple this many participant because these ones came with greater experience and of great contact and they will go out and show that in Dubai we have many potentials that can drive tourism”, she stressed.

–  Stories Ebere Chibuzor

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