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Security Paramount Tourism Industry

A stakeholder in the Nigerian hospitality sector has observed that good security network is capable of promoting tourism in the country


Security of lives and properties, peace and serene environment are some of the key elements that promote the tourism and hospitality industry.

This was the observation of the General Manager Max Royal Hotel & Suites, Ibelegbu Ngozi during a chat with The Union at the hotel’s office located at Lagos Airport Road in Ajao Estate, Lagos.

Ibelegbu, a hotel management expert maintained that security is paramount to operators of hospitality industry, just as other factors such as power, infrastructure and friendly business environment.

To drive hospitality vision and to make tourism viable in the nation, the GM pointed out that government has to map out friendly policies and enabling environment for sole proprietors and operators in the hospitality industry.

Apparently, these policies she said would be able to curb certain challenges confronting operators of hospitality industry and even attract more guests as tourists into the country especially now that oil sales have finally gone down.

She equally added that there is need for Nigeria or Nigerians to diversify her economy which tourism remains the best alternative option as from now.

On cost of operation, Ibelegbu said “the fear of double bills discouraged clients or guests as well tourists to patronise the industry, as there are consumption bills and Value Added Tax (VAT) attached virtually in every transaction that transpired in the industry. Nevertheless for maintenance purposes, there is still need for those bills but in a more civilized and responsible manner.

Speaking about Max Royal particularly, Ibelegbu pointed out that the hotel is very unique, adding that the hotel colour alone, distinguishes it from any other hotels within the neighborhood.

“It is difficult for somebody to pass through Ajao Estate to International Airport without noticing Max Royal Hotel & Suites”. Apart from the services which are unique, Ibelegbu pointed out the presence of well trained staff which she described as one of their major assets. “Though the hotel structure looks beautiful but if the staff are not well trained and welcoming, I think nobody will wants to come in and relax. From the reception of our hotel, anybody who comes in will not feel like going because of the quality services Max Royal Hotel & Suites is rendering to all its customers. Our welcoming and attractive receptionists are to ensure that anyone who comes in is happy by offering quality and wonderful services.

She added “We offer free Internet facilities, sizable swimming pool and there is discounted rate for Max Royal Hotel & Suites regular guests or clients”.

She however, noted that power supply has improved overtime, pointing out that electricity has become stable for sometime.

“The constant electricity has actually helped us because before now,

– Stories: Ebere Chibuzor

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