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Onyekachukwu Onyeka
Onyekachukwu Onyeka and Gov. Obiano

Group Targets Investment Opportunities In Tourism, Agriculture, Others

Anambra indigenes living in South Africa say they are work­ing out modalities to see how they can tap from investment opportunities inherent in both countries, particularly in areas of tourism, agriculture, urban/rural infrastructural development.


socio-cultural group under the umbrella of Anambra State Association, South Africa ASA-SA has pledged to do all it can to exploit the investment opportuni­ties derivable from their business re­lationships and experiences in South Africa and Anambra, their home state.

This was the promise made by the newly elected president of the group- chief Onyeka Chukwu Onyeka dur­ing his speech on the occasion of his inauguration as the President Of An- ambra State Association South Afri­ca on 24th October 2015 at Gauteng Legislative Building, Johannesburg South Africa recently.

Onyeka who revealed this, hinted that their focus would be directed particularly on agriculture, tourism and urban/rural infrastructural devel­opment.

The President said “Yes we can and will create the Anambra invest­ment cooperative society which will power collective investment that will provide a progress annuity for her members thereby leveraging on op­portunities in South Africa and Nige­ria with Anambra state in mind. We will focus particularly in areas such as agriculture, tourism and urban/ru­ral infrastructural development”.

According to Onyeka, his ad­ministration will speedily establish ASA-SA Data Collection Services (ASASADCS) so that the organisa­tion can make legitimate claims on our numbers and contributions in this community.

Group during Inauguration in South Africa

Group during Inauguration in South Africa

Other areas, the new leadership will focus on, according to him in­clude: building a solid relationship between ASA-SA and Anambra state government and other international associate organizations.

Onyeka pointed out that their effort made already in this regard is evident with the presence of the Speaker Of Anambra State House Of assembly, Her Excellency, Rt. Hon. Barr. Rita Mmaduagwu and Chairman of ASA World, Dr Nwachukwu Anakwenze to the inauguration ceremony in South Africa.

The President equally said that ASA-SA is prepared to work with other Nigerian organizations in South Africa to ensure the security and protection of life, businesses and property of NdiAnambra and Ndi Igbo in general in South Africa.

On women empowerment, he said “Yes we can and will increase the full participation of women in the affairs of ASA in recognition of Beijing Declaration. The hand that cradles the child rules the world. Our women have held the fort so far and will be recognized and encouraged to maximize their potentials and con­tributions to the society”.

According to him, ASA-SA will implement the establishment of council of elders and traditional rul­ers including youth participation in the structures and workings of ASA- South Africa, adding that the lead­ership will also hold regular sports tournaments to encourage recreation, unity and team building amongst NdiAnambra.

Asserting his leadership roadmap, Onyeka said that his zeal and quest to serve the people of Anambra state in South Africa has not been moti­vated by self aggrandizement or lust for powers.

Rather, he emphasized that his motivation emerged from the experi­ence gathered from his two terms as Deputy President of the organization and moral persuasion to take ASA SA to the next level, thereby expand­ing the frontiers and boarders of the tentacles of this institution

He said “while commending with admiration the good efforts made by the outgoing administration, it is my intention to reaffirm my promise to NdiAnambra in South Africa on a number of activities that are the core of my agendas and of which l can be held responsible and accountable for in the next three years as the Third President of ASA SA”.

“The bedrock and prospects of my administration will be built on Accountability, Integrity and Team work on the basis of which l can humbly say: Yes we can” shape the future of our community in South Africa and Nigeria”, Onyeka said.

Speaking further, he said his ad­ministration will enlarge platforms of engagement of members to in­clude more and more people in gen­erating larger consensus for decision making, saying that the current rep­resentative council would equally be enlarged to involve more effec­tive representation of our people.

“Yes we can and we will in the first 12 months of our administra­tion establish the Anambra house/ Office, where we can hold our meet­ings and functions and assist other organizations of weaker capacities in a managed convenience”, Onyeka promised.

On education, he said ASA-SA will give life to ASA-SA Univer­sity Education Scholarship scheme, targeting 21 persons from 21 Lo­cal Government Areas of Anambra State and will also establish a skill acquisition mechanism to help re­move their people from the streets of South Africa

Commending his predecessor, the newly elected ASASA President said “I will like to thank members of the past executives led by Hon. Frank Anyaeche for their selfless service and total commitment to the people of Anambra in South Africa. It is important to state that the past ex­ecutives, which I was part and parcel of, were able to take ASA-SA from a state of obscurity to prominence. These achievements my team and I hope to consolidate on and move ASA-SA to greater heights.

“I also wish to express my profound appreciation to Ndi Anamabra and everyone that contributed in any little way to the actualization of this dream. Worthy of mention is my home town of Ozubulu,Ekwusigo,Dala Ebubedike Campaign organiza­tion, Dynamic friends club South Africa, Eze in Council, Nze na Ozo ndi igbo and many more. We thank you and appreciate your supports”, Onyeka said.

Dignitaries present at the occasion include: Speaker of Anambra State House Of Assembly, Her Excellency Rt. Hon. Barr. Rita Mmaduagwu, The Consul General Of Nigeria To South Africa, Her Excellency Amb. Uche Ajulu Okeke, The Minister in charge of Trade And Investment

Amb. Okey Nze, President Of ASA- World Wide, Chief Nwachkwu Anakwenze, The President Gen­eral Of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, Chief Garry Igeriwe, President Of Ohaneze Ndigbo SA, Chief Amadi Amadi, President Of Nigeria Union SA, Hon Ike Anyene, Members Of Eze In Council, Eze Igbo Na South Africa, HRM M.U.J Emechebe, Council Of Igbo State Leaders, HRH Chief Frank Times Ifeanyichukwu, Mem­bers Of Nze Na Ozo SA, The Mayor Dynamic Friends Club South Af­rica, Idi Chinedu Nwogwugwu, The First Lady Of ASA, South Africa, Lolo Nchedo Onyeka, Nigerians In SA and members of the Diplomatic Corps.

ASA-SA is an organization com­prising of sons and daughters and indigenes of Anambra State of Ni­geria, living and/or working in vari­ous Provinces and localities in South Africa.

They are fully committed to the honest advocacy, pursuit, and actual practice and living of the life of love, peace, unity, togetherness, co­operation, understanding and justice among and between ourselves in all matters of common communal in­terest to ASA-SA and to Anambra State and Nigeria.

To make the association grow strong all members have unanimous­ly resolve to constitute themselves into such formal organization for the purpose of pursuing and actualizing these goals and ideals for all Anambra people in South Africa and in Anambra State, Nigeria, and elsewhere, and to be governed and regulated by their constitution.




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