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Domino’s Pizza Unveils FESTAC Branch

Leading fast food restaurant in Nigeria, Domino’s Pizza has opened a new branch in FESTAC Town, just as it introduced a new incentive-“Buy One, Get One Free” for its numerous customers

To dispel the misconception that Domino’s Pizza is an expensive brand, the world class eatery has unveiled a new branch of their restaurant located on 1st Avenue, FESTAC Town.

With the addition of the branch recently, Domino’s Pizza has been able to provide an opportunity to all residents and workers in and around FESTAC Town.

As part of its customers service drive, the eatery has also introduced Mega Sales Week which will last from the 9th to the 12th of November, 2015, designed for customers to have a taste of their quality products and services. According to Domino’s Pizza, the sales pitch for the week that the incentive will last is “Buy One Get One Free”.

Speaking shortly after the unveiling, • Ogeleka Domino’s Pizza Marketing Coordinator, Ufuoma Ogeleka said that Domino’s Pizza as a brand is committed to being the number one Pizza Restaurant in every neighbourhood, adding that the brand does not just pick a location, set up shop and make sales; we work hard at being a part of the community.

Ogeleka said that Domino’s Pizza don’t do pizzas because it is business but because it is their core area of business.

“We also have a tagline “Hot and fresh” and that makes us outstanding. Our pizzas are always delivered hot and we do free delivery services within a certain radius and that keeps our brand outstanding. If we cannot get the pizzas to your doorsteps the way it would be when you pick it up from the oven, then we would not deliver it. We keep that standard very strictly. It is very fresh is because it is frozen dough. We keep to strict shop-life and we have   a certain number of hours to stay and if we don’t use the dough within that certain period, which is very rare, it is thrown away. There is nothing like expired products here”.

“Also, due to our continuous urge for innovation, we are the only country where chicken suya is served and that is part of our obligation for innovation. We did a market survey and found out that pizza is not normally a cuisine in the Nigerian market and we had to do something that will make the Nigerian market to feel at ease with the product”, she said.

According to the coordinator, some of their products include: Americano, Veggie Supreme, BBQ Chicken, Deluxe, Chicken Tikka, Pepperoni Supreme, Extravaganzza, Chicken Bali, Meatzza, Margarita, Chicken Kickers, Breadsticks amongst others.

She also said that they have pizzas for meat lovers, vegetarians, spicey pizzas and ‘Build Your Own’ option which enables you to cook the pizza of your choice.

On challenges, Ogeleka said “We face the same challenges that every other companies face in the country, in terms of infrastructure, power supply, security etc however we have learnt to handle these problems and take it on as a challenge. Our oven is powered with light and it is an extra cost for us but we have to do it to have a standard of operation”.

Ogeleka also pointed out that Domino’s Pizza is involved in community services and their vision is to be the number one pizza restaurant in every neighbourhood.

“For us, we just don’t look for a location and bring everything but we try to get into the lifestyle of everybody as long as it will not tarnish our brand affiliation. Most of our staffs are sourced from within the community as part of given back to the society. We also open our restaurants for schools where they have a tour within our facilities and they are awarded a Junior Pizza certificate and they understand what we are all about”.

“When customers come here to buy pizza, they know that they are buying pizza worth a better value and one pizza can feed four persons while a moderate pizza would feed two persons.

Our products are very affordable and they are rich in contents. At Domino’s pizza, we make people to order what they want and they can make their own pizza irrespective of their choice. We have made it in such a way that customers can order their pizza in half and half. Because, we are a family brand, people can order any pizza of their choice and the whole family will still be happy with their purchase”, she added.

On the “Buy One Get One Free” package, Ogeleka hinted “From next week, it will be buy one pizza and get another one free on any pizza purchased. After that week, there will be a “thank you” for participating in the sales week and there will be free drinks with every pizza the following week”.

To support the community and uphold its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Ogeleka said Domino’s Pizza do support activities that help the needy in any community such as Kick Against Malaria programme which was done on the Island, two weeks ago.

“ It was a football match between On-Air Personalities and some professionals and we distributed mosquito nets to people within that neighbourhood. We also collaborate with Rotary Clubs to provide one amenity or the other in the society. We take CSR seriously and we have lined up a series of programmes that we will be doing in the coming months”, she said.

On Nigeria’s hospitality industry, the coordinator opined that the sector is in a good position and that there is still room for improvement, pointing out that the challenges they had when they started was getting their team to understand what it means to welcome customers warmly and handle issues amicably which is not just in the system.

Ogeleka however, said Domino’s Pizza has done well on that, just as they have equally grown to a point where every staff would welcome every customer warmly. Five years from now “We intend to be in more neighbourhoods than we are now and also to be more aligned to the lifestyle of every Nigerian. We want to be a second home to every Nigerian and accessible”, Ogeleka said.

–   Ebere Chibuzor

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