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Tevez Heads Back To Buenos Aires

Nine years after leaving South America for the Premier League and an always fascinating Career in Europe, the Carlos Tevez is on the verge of returning to Argentina with his beloved Boca Juniors. Boca’s general secretary, Cesar Martucci, said: ‘We are very happy. After much work we can secure the return of Carlos Tevez.

‘We hope that with Carlos’ return, we can achieve the results that Boca fans are expecting. Unlike many players who returned to the club, he comes at full capacity.’ ‘My whole family and I are Boca fans and I want to play in that SHIRT once again,’ Tevez said in April.

‘I’ve been in Europe for many years and I need my family – I miss my father, my mother and my brother. I can’t complain as everyone has treated me well, but my mentality is Argentine and my desire is to go back to Buenos Aires.’ Tevez won the now abolished Intercontinental Cup with Boca in 2003 after defeating AC Milan on penalties

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