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Serena, Sharapova Stay Icy At Nike Event

They’re rivals on and off the court and neither Serena Williams nor Maria Sharapova were giving any quarter as they joined other tennis stars for a special event in New York City. Not even a warm Manhattan night could thaw the ice between the reigning Wimbledon champ and the world’s number two who have been locked in a feud since Williams, 33, was dumped by Bulgarian tennis heart-throb Grigor Dimitrov for the younger Sharapova, 28.

The pair intentionally kept their distance during a photoshoot at the Nike Street Tennis event Monday evening that brought the top players in the world to play the game on city streets. When it came to a group shot, it was Maria who was front and center sitting on the hood of a New York yellow taxi cab alongside Roger Federer while Serena stood further back and was only partially visible behind the cab’s open door Still, the fact that both were there together – even at a distance – drew comment from tennis fans on social media and even Maria tweeted: ‘Lets be honest, only @Nike can make this happen…’ Making thing even more awkward was the fact that Dmitrov, 24, was also part of the group shot. He and Sharapova called it quits in July after a two-year relationship and was posed for the photo shoot at the back and on the opposite side of the cab to both his exes.

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