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Pro League Players Good Enough To Represent Nigeria –Singabele

Chimaobi Uchendu

Former NFF board member, Peter Singabele has applauded the current standard of the domestic league, stating that if it is improved and maintained, the days of relying on foreign-based professionals might be over.

Singabele, a permanent secretary in the Bayelsa State civil service, told The Union that he had followed improvement in the league from the beginning of the season. Though skeptical at the beginning, he averred that most of the players in the league are good enough to represent Nigeria at different national levels.

“I’m impressed by the level of monitoring and implementations by both the NRA and the NFF before, during and after matches.

It has brought out the best in players,” said Singabele. “If this continues, I can bet that the bunch of players to represent Nigeria at all levels of our national teams would be sourced locally.

“Our players will not be made to go out for screening before foreign clubs engages them and Nigeria will, be accorded her deserved respect in the comity of footballing nations.” “Mark my words, Nigeria will do well at next season’s CAF club competitions, because worthy representatives will emerge from both the league and the FA Cup,” he added.

Singabele advised sponsors of clubs to be alive to their responsibilities, by paying players their entitlements as and when due to avoid going back to former practice were matches would be abandoned because players were not paid.

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