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No Date Yet For Pistorius’ Murder Sentencing

South African authorities say they are arranging for Oscar Pistorius to appear in court soon following his murder conviction for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Some South Africans are elated at the latest murder conviction of Oscar Pistorius, following the ruling of a South African Court of Appeal, overturning an earlier manslaughter verdict.

“For us as a family, we can get on with our lives now and I hope his family can get on with their lives now,” Steenkamp’s father told South Africa- based News24.

During the hearing, Justice Leach said that Pistorius must have forseen that his actions might kill the person behind his toilet door considering the type and number of bullets he used.

The appeals court imposed a murder verdict and sent the case back to High Court for sentencing. Pistorius had been released on parole and placed under house arrest at his uncle’s house after serving nearly a year in prison.

Firstly, she had failed to correctly apply the legal principle of dolus eventualis and should have found that Pistorius had foreseen that he could have killed a person.

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