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NFF Showcased Incompetence –Kodjo Williams

Oladipo Okubanjo

A former Chairman of the old Nigeria Football Association (NFA), Kodjo Williams, has lampooned the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) for allowing Stephen Keshi to keep the Super Eagles coaching job until Saturday when he was sacked. According to Williams the NFF simply advertised its incompetence by prevaricating on what to do with Keshi.

He told The UNION in a telephone interview Sunday afternoon: “Ordinarily I wouldn’t have talked to you because I decided long ago to stop taking about those people. If they are competent enough they should have sacked Keshi long time ago because he doesn’t have what it took to lead Nigeria to desired height. “But because they (NFF) don’t have the balls they allowed the decision to linger on.

It’s sheer incompetence; they don’t have what it takes to run our football, they’re just pretending.” The NFF said Keshi will be temporarily replaced by assistant coach Salisu Yusuf and the coach of the technical directorate, Shuaibu Amodu,   whom it has fired twice in the past. But Williams described Amodu’s appointment as a joke. “Amo what? Please I think we have to stop this interview here,” he said. “These people (NFF) are just not serious.” This will be Amodu’s fifth stint at the helm.

He first managed the Eagles from 1994 to 1997, was reappointed in 2001 and dismissed in 2002 despite leading Nigeria to third place in the African Cup Nations Cup in Mali. Amodu was made manager in 2008 and sacked again in 2010 after the team’s third-place finish at Angola’s hosting of the African tournament.

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