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NBA: Likely Absence From Opening Game Devastates Aminu

Nigeria international set to sit out new season’s opening game due to injury

Portland Trail Blazers forward, Al Farouq Aminu, has described as devastating the likelihood of missing in action when his team face New Orleans Pelicans in one of the opening games of the new NBA season, which begins Wednesday night.

Aminu, still recuperating from a hamstring injury, did not practice with the Trail Blazers as they began preparation for their first game of the season and they could very well be without their starting small forward.

Asked how he would describe the feeling about his status for the opener being uncertain, given that it is the first chance he will get to play a major role for one of his teams, Aminu said, Devastating, man. Devastating.”

According to the columbian.com, the Nigeria international was asked multiple times about whether sitting out the opener is a precaution, but he disagreed with that notion. He has been able to workout but is simply limited because of the injury. There is no caution, it’s just that he simply can’t do what’s needed to play in an NBA game right now. It’s not the type of thing he can just fight through to play on opening night.

“It’s one thing if I’m hurt and I push to go back, maybe, maybe not. It’s not even that,” Aminu said.

Speaking with reporters on the issue, head coach Terry Scotts said: “I’m not sure whether he’ll play Wednesday or not.”

However, Aminu said that he did not want to rule out the possibility of coming back on opening night, but he didn’t seem very confident that it was going to happen.

“(It is) just limited, it hasn’t opened up the whole way that I would want it to,” Aminu said of the left hamstring. “It restricts me from doing certain things, which you would never want. As long as it doesn’t restrict me from doing anything, by that time I’ll be able to go back.”

–   Oladipo Okubanjo

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