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NBA: Bird Tasks George On Power Forward Role

Larry Bird reportedly is trying to convince Paul George to make a position change this summer. Changes were expected to come for the Indiana Pacers this upcoming season, but I don’t think many expected them to fully jump into the complete change that the NBA is slowly transitioning to.

Not only did the Pacers make it clear that Roy Hibbert was no longer going to be a big part of the Pacers if he had stayed in Indiana, but now it appears that they’re going to ask Paul George to play the power forward position (at times) this season. Bird’s still trying to convince Paul George that playing power forward will be a good move, too.

“I’m not going to get into a battle about where Paul George will play,” Bird said. “He’s a basketball player, and we can put him anywhere out there.” While critics contend that the two-time All-Star could get overwhelmed by bigger, stronger opponents inside, Bird believes the twotime all-NBA defensive player will hold up just fine and will actually be a more productive player.

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