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Nadal’s Seeding, Threat To Djokovic –Federer

According to the Swiss Maestro and World No 2, Roger Federer, the seeding for this year’s French Open will have an effect on the chances of Novak Djokovic, who goes into the tournament being the favourite.

“The rankings reflect what happened the last 12 months,” Federer said. “Of course if Rafa wouldn’t have been injured, from Wimbledon last year or French Open last year—I don’t remember when he played his last, but—you know, he would be very close to the top four. “If not in the top four, maybe one or two in the world.

Who knows? So from that standpoint I see the argument [about adjusting Nadal’s seeding], but at the same time I think it was going to be worse for somebody else other than Rafa.

“I don’t think it was going to be bad for Rafa because he’s looking at defending his title whoever he has to play through.” “It’s going to affect Novak more in my opinion in that regard than Rafa really.”

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