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Mayweather Begins Training For Last Fight

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has begun training for the final fight of his career, but with eight weeks until he’s set to step into the ring for the last time, he is yet to name an opponent. Amir Khan, one of his potential foes, has criticized Pretty Boy’s decision to goad others by keeping his final challenger unknown to the public.

Mayweather tweeted about his return to action: “Training camp has started. Go get the @shots app for exclusive 10-second videos leading up to my fight on Sept 12.”

The unbeaten fighter has suggested he could battle with Andre Berto or Karim Mayfield, per Declan Taylor of the MailOnline, two men who aren’t as deserving as Khan when it comes to their recent records. Khan’s comments were reported by Taylor: “He’s going to mention guys who train with me or who are always around me.

He’s going to mention those guys to try and get under my skin. “But I know all the games that Floyd Mayweather plays. Floyd’s playing games but this is a fight, we are professional boxers. Why not just be a man, say who you’re going to fight and get it done. Stop playing these little games.”

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