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Jamaica Player Defends ‘Selfie’ With Messi

Jamaica striker DeShorn Brown has defended himself after taking a ‘selfie’ with Lionel Messi on the pitch after Jamaica lost to Argentina in the Copa America. Brown, who had been substituted towards the end of the 1-0 defeat for Jamaica, ran onto the pitch with his phone after the final whistle.

Messi appeared to be caught by surprise at the surreal request from a fellow professional but happily obliged. “I had thought about it before the match so that’s why I took (the phone) to the bench.

As soon as (the match) finished, I took the picture,” said Brown. “Messi is the best in the world, a star, and that’s a photo I’ll have as a souvenir all my life.”

The Argentina captain said that he was humbled but surprised by the experienced: “He surprised me. On top of that I was annoyed about how the match had gone despite our win.”

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