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Indian Businessman Wants Governments To Develop Cricket, Says It Can Create Jobs

An Indian National, Shatia Sarimnajeh, has called on Governments to support the development of cricket in the country as it is capable of creating jobs for the youths.

Sarimnajeh, an Ilorin-based businessman told the News Agency of Nigeria on Monday in Ilorin that his love for the sport was the reason he had been volunteering to teach some youngsters in Ilorin the rudiments of the game.

He said the sport was the most popular sport in India and that the level at which the sport was developing, it could rival football in popularity in the near future.

“I carry on cashew business here in Ilorin, but my love for the game is the reason why I am teaching these children how to play the game free of charge.

“I find them industrious and I like teaching them the tricks of the sport.

“The future of cricket here is bright because these children are learning fast and they have the capacity to be the best,’’ Sarimnajeh said.

He urged governments at all levels to provide them training kits and put one of the pitches in the Ilorin Mini Stadium complex in good shape as the pitch they were currently using was completely neglected.

Sarimnajeh explained that the present venue they were using for training was not conducive as it was an open field, where the ball could accidentally hit someone on the head.

“Cricket can create jobs here; this is because it is a fast growing sport in the world today.

“All that governments need to do is to provide equipment for them and they will travel all over the world to play this game, thereby earning money,” he said.


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