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I Was A Killer, These Guys Are Businessmen –Tyson

Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson wasn’t impressed by the relatively polite and civilised build-up, and the in-ring action, during last weekend’s “Fight Of The Century” between Floyd Mayweather, 48-0 (26), and Manny Pacquiao, 57-6-2 (38), which took at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

Mayweather won solid a twelve round unanimous decision.

Tyson, 48, was infamously mean and moody before, during and, occasionally, after his fights.

The former fighter turned promoter and pundit bemoaned the lack of devilment on display when speaking to The Daily Telegraph’s Gareth A. Davies.

“It’s almost like I’m in, I wouldn’t say church, but a library,” stated Tyson. “Maybe I’m just a Neanderthal. I wanted to kill the other guy. I’m a natural born killer. I want to win in dramatic fashion and hurt people.

“They make one guy the good guy and one guy the monster and they sell it and make a lot of money. Boxing is different from when I boxed. Those guys are businessmen up there.”

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