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I Thought I Won –Pacquiao

Following 12 rounds of action, the undefeated Floyd Mayweather was awarded a clear unanimous decision victory for his effort. However, Pacquiao was not quite convinced with the scorecards. As the more aggressive fighter known for his power punches, Manny spent the majority of the fight hunting down Mayweather to no avail.

“I thought I won the fight,” Manny explained after the fight, “He didn’t do nothing.” The final stats revealed that Pacquiao landed a total of 81 punches out of 429 thrown, while Mayweather landed 148 of 436.

Overall, Mayweather connected at 34% while Pacquiao struck a significantly lower 19%. While Pacquiao blames Mayweather’s defensive approach for the stats, it is exactly what the undefeated American is known for. Mayweather has an uncanny ability to protect himself, dodge punches, and keep opponents at bay with his jabs.

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