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I Can Cover Any Role –Giovinco

Toronto FC’s Sebastian Giovinco says Juventus are the favourites to win Serie A, while he can play in ‘any role’. The most famous Italian export to Major League Soccer alongside New York City FC’’s Andrea Pirlo sent an indirect message to Azzurri Coach Antonio Conte.

“I try to do well in every role,” he told Calciomercato.com, after winning his latest game against Orlando with a decisive 5-0 score.

“Of course, things are easier when you have an advantage in numbers,” he said, in reference to the fact that Orlando finished their game with nine players on the pitch.

“The backing of the supporters is also important for every player. If you can conquer the fans, everything becomes easier. “Me, the greatest player in the history of MLS? I’d rather consider these questions at the end.”

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