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I Can Accept Defeat –Mayweather

Unbeaten welterweight legend, Floyd Mayweather wonders why no boxer has beaten him, but willing to accept defeat if it happens

At 38, there still isn’t anyone in boxing who can defeat WBA/WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. after 19 years as a pro. Mayweather has one week to go before what could be his final fight of his career against Andre Berto on Saturday night on September 12th on Showtime pay-per-view at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mayweather will need to prove that he’s still unbeatable against the 31-year-old Berto in this fight, and it may prove to be a more difficult fight than his usual fights because he plans on slugging with Berto to make it more exciting for the fans. In the recent past when Mayweather has punched it out with his opposition, he’s struggled to win against the likes of Marcos Maidana and Miguel Cotto. If Mayweather keeps his word and does slug it out with Berto, it could prove to be a real interesting fight for as long as it lasts. “Can’t no fighter beat me,” Mayweather said. “There’s fighters in the gym every day, and these fighters still can’t beat me.

As you can see, Manny Pacquiao wasn’t able to bring the best out of me. I believe Berto is the guy that can bring the best out of me. I know the end is coming. It’s something I can accept.” Pacquiao wasn’t able to bring out the best in Mayweather because he came into the fight with a shoulder injury, and showed no real interest in attacking him in an aggressive enough manner to get the win.

Mayweather is right about Berto bringing the best out of him compare to Pacquiao. Berto doesn’t have a huge bank account like Pacquiao did going into his fight with Mayweather, so you can expect Berto to be willing to fight a lot harder in this fight than Pacquiao.

The only question is whether Berto will be able to hang with Mayweather’s best in this fight. If Mayweather is going to be bringing his A-game and not holding back, Berto will need to perform a lot better in this fight than he’s done in the last four years for him not to get totally blown away.

“Floyd Mayweather is a winner when it’s all said and done,” Mayweather said. “No fighter in history has done what Floyd Mayweather has done, and we’re just speaking facts. This is his [Berto] biggest payday. What is it, $4 million? I got a car that’s $4.8 million. Round it off to $5 million.

Be appreciative, kiddo. Berto says he’s known me for years. Absolutely, he’s known me for years. You’ve been looking up to me. I’m your idol. Leonard, get this man some [expletive] money. My opponent better be at home resting. He’s really only a $2 million fighter. He’s really a million fighter. I’m a $100 million fighter.

My fault, I’m a $300 million fighter.” According to Mayweather, Berto will be getting roughly $4 million for the fight on September 12th. That’s good money for a fighter like Berto, because his days for getting big paydays were considered over with in the mind of a lot of boxing fans.

Mayweather really came through for him by picking him out from a list of other fighters to face in this fight. If not for this fight, Berto’s best option for a payday would have been against WBA welterweight champion Keith Thurman or Amir Khan, and neither of those fights would have given him the kind of payday that he’ll be getting against Mayweather.

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