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El-Kanemi Players Boycott Pro League Match Over Unpaid Salaries

Players of El-Kanemi Warriors reportedly failed to honour their Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) clash at FC Ifeanyiubah.

Chairman of the club, Zanna Mohammed, confirmed that the players refused to travel for the game in protest over unpaid wages.

“It is true that we did not make the trip (for the game against FC Ifeanyiubah),” he told Supersport. “The players are insisting that they will not make the trip unless they are paid despite our pleas to them.

” Players of the club refused to talk speak on the issue unless guaranteed to be quoted anonymously.

One of the players, who spoke on behalf of his colleagues, claimed that they are owed eight months salaries, seven match bonuses as well as 145 per cent signing- on fees including 45 per cent from last season.

Mohammed, however, shed more light on the unpaid wages: “What has happened is that we have paid them the old salary scale and not the enhanced salaries this season. For instance a player who is supposed to earn N200,000 has been getting N60,000 and we have made their outstanding money in calculation available to the (Borno) state government which has promised to offset every of the debt soon, in fact before the deadline (given by the League Management Company).”

El-Kanemi failed to show up for the pre-match meeting against FC Ifeanyiuabh and now risk being walked over thereby losing three points and three goals. The League Management Company (LMC) could as well fine El-Kanemi N10 million for failing to honour their match.

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