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Dad Smuggled Drugs In My Nappies –Wiggins

Sir Bradley Wiggins has sensationally revealed that his dad used to smuggle drugs in his nappies. Gary Wiggins, a professional cyclist from Australia, moved to Europe in the 1970s but went back Down Under after splitting from the Olympic champion’s mother, Linda.

Father and son scarcely spoke throughout his childhood and his teenage years, before they began a telephone relationship when he was aged 18.

Wiggins senior died in 2008, aged 55, and the Tour de France winner has now revealed he had a serious drug habit, which included smuggling amphetamines in his son’s nappies. He told the BBC: “He did a bit of everything. In those days it was amphetamines and speed. His nickname was Doc. He was a user and used to sell.

“My mum’s got some great stories about the people who, when I was a baby, came through our apartment door to buy stuff off my dad. These people are now beating the drum saying ‘I didn’t do anything’, which is funny.”

Wiggins attributes his success to his mother, who raised him as a single parent following the split from his father when he was aged just two years old.

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