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AAG: Swimming, Medals Prospect For Nigeria –Saheed

Secretary General of Nigeria swimming Federation, Saheed Obadina has debunk insinuations that Nigeria Swimmers are never medal prospect for the Nation ahead of the All Africa Games. He said it was unfair for Swimmers to be described as making up the numbers, when they actually win laurels for the nation at international competitions.

“I don’t know where people get this information from that Nigeria swimmers have not been winning at major events. The last All Africa Games we won in 50 meters breaststroke, Recheal Tonjor won bronze medal in 50 meters breaststroke at the All Africa Games in Maputo. I was there. In Algiers, we won silver in 50 meters butterfly by Yellow Yeya, I was there.

The previous Games in COJA here in Abuja, we won silver and bronze. So, we have definitely been winning. Obadina said that their swimmers have been in camp in both Ondo and Edo states preparing for the Games with the sole purpose of doing better than they have ever done at previous Games.

“For now we have two training zones, let me use that word. We have some simmers training in Akure, in Ondo state and we have some swimmers training in Edo state, men and women. We have started preparations for the All Africa Games.

“We have two swimmers in the diaspora training seriously, eager to come and represent Nigeria in the next All Africa Games. We have set up a date when we are going to have our final time trials for the Games. To be precise, the first week of next month,” he said.

-Chimaobi Uchendu

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