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For Him With The Pen
Never will he be caught napping
Without his writing pen,
Camera and writing papers
Rarely will you not find him
With his hard-earned books
Autographed-ready for any
Worthy of his flowing poesy.
Tall standing at all times,
Truthfulness and sincerity
Are hoisted in the blessings
Of his name; Blessed
Mudiaga Adjekpagbon.
In his copy, I strive to fly
Holding my pen all through
My fly of the oceans
And cities bringing
Lines to wing.

Copyright: Eriata Oribhabor
(Inside the bowel of a Flying Bird
on the way to UK, last week: July 2015)

No Taking Chances
Once I get to know the chameleon you are
Know that the gulf between us would be far
Like the sky separates itself from dirty land
Don’t ever think of shaking my honest hand
Run your mouth anyhow as you may
Or call both black and white powers to pray
It won’t cause any scratch to my precious pant
For you are no longer in estimation worth an ant
Understand this, as I have no patience for deceit
That you had for sometime cloaked to repeat
With dangerous smiles of friendship
I prefer those who sun me their ‘fiendship’
As I capture the airs of their heads
To know where my feet threads…

Copyright: Adjekpagbon Blessed Mudiaga
(Written July 2015)

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