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Enyeribe Janet


Love is not to be purchased
It is priceless and natural
Like a stream flowing into the Ocean
Love knows no man
It is a heart beating every day
And speaks to us
Wanting us to love it back
The way it has loved us
It is the greatest healer of all wounds
And injuries of all times
Because it is universal
With its oxygen we breath every day
When some say ‘’love is in the air’’
I say ‘’love is not in the air, but nitrogen
Carbon dioxide and oxygen
Are in the air’’
Hold love and let it hold you
Find it and be loved
Let it ease your pains of yesterday
Every day is full of love
Including the love of God Almighty
And the love of all love
Feel love at all times.

Copyright: Enyeribe Favour Janet
(Written August 24, 2015)


They are as white as snow
Red as rose
And pure in heart and soul
They are little angels of love
So tender and soft
And full of happiness
Cherubs of love
Looks so angelic and innocent
Ranked above thorns
And below seraphim
They are like a little child
In need of love and care from a tender heart
With eyes sparkling like stars
And hearts as big as Oceans
They shine like the sun
Looking only into the heart of those who love
And those in need of love
Cherubs of love
Are angels of love
As they love love
And help those who are in love
To love to the fullest
They also help those who need love
To find love in the right heart and mind
For love is all we need.
Copyright: Enyeribe Favour Janet
(Written September 2, 2015)

The lightning struck loud
And the sun brightened the cloud
Things moved around that I could not see
Even fishes jumped out high from the sea

Frightened was I on the moving bridge
Finding a way to flee
My heart pumped as if the world clung to a glee
Reality slapped me to say it was a nightmare
As everything grew wings in the air

But it was just a mere storm on a bridge
As I was seated on a seat like a ridge
Copyright: Boluwatife Esther
(Written September 2, 2015)

Moon silently envy the brightness of sun
And whispers as if it could imprison its burn
I drink your ‘’double think’’ minds with etheric triangles
Though you present comradeship with perfect rectangles
I sit in my room and pick particles of sun
While wind delivers your vocal gun
Tearing my image apart behind in vain
As you could no longer hide the green-eyed pain
In heart deviously deep
But its contents I always sweep
With dancing voices in the air
Spreading smiles of chilling cheer
Who can hide character that walks like smoke
While oozing as dark as coke?

Copyright: Adjekpagbon Blessed Mudiaga
(Written September 1, 2015)

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