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She is a young lovely lass
Who loves reading in class
‘Excuse me sir, let’s read Tempest’
She would smile and say
But others would frown and protest
‘No! Let’s read that another day’
And she will make her convincing eyes at me
Which others don’t use to see:
At times she would stand by my side
In front of class as if to tell me a tide
As she wants to be comforted like a baby
Though she is a grown teenage learning lady
Molded with beauty and intelligence
I expect her to go places with her reading diligence
As her lovely name is Janet
One of the best on the planet…
Copyright: Adjekpagbon Mudiaga Blessed
(Written August 21, 2015)

I feel your pains to the marrow
When you cry out from a distance
My ears tingle at the sound of your cry
If only you could see the pains
In my heart when I hear your cry
My heart is open to you
Whenever your pains come raining
As fast as a deer
And enters into where your pains are
To get them erased
Sometimes, things have to go wrong
For people to realize the good in you
Your pains are my pains
What you feel I feel too
My heart cries and breaks down at your pains
Pains have big teeth
Biting through my heart
Come into my heart and let your pains go
In all your pains I want you to know
I am here for you in times of need
Love is the fastest healer
And the medical doctor of your pain
Let my love for you be the healer of your pains.
Copyright: Enyeribe Favour Janet
(Written August 19, 2015)


You are what
Makes us
Divide us
Drives us
Or stops us…

Courage, you create news
Demand more
Bring blame
Coupled with shame

You show in school
Determine the cool
And divides the weak
By pouring out like a leak

You put us on a knee
Or make us flee
Or sometimes plea
For whatever it may be.
Copyright: Esther Boluwatife Popoola
(Written February 16, 2014)

Besieged by ignorance
We are preys to the destructive angels.
We fought desperately to replace despair
And deceit with hope and assurance
But in coalescence, impunity walked in
Engrossed in a joyous moment
And gained want we wanted
As happy as a lark
We became laissez-faire
And fell for the oily mouth
Of the political elites

Who promised heaven and earth
With all humility
But all are fallacies
For burrowing their way to power
By hook and crook
While we were drunk with blind observation

At last at the summit
Alas! They are out to milk the nation
Chameleons changing their garments
Moth eating deep in the fabric of the nation
A black leg, as the green land fades away

Cows and Bashan improvising themselves
Impoverishing the mouses
The cream of society
Not caring about the man in the street
Awaiting libration
They greedily hold on to power

The lethal harmless leaders
Filled with emphemeral promises
Uses the employed as instrument of destruction
With fire destroying the latter’s growth
Upholding the good of the nation

Poverty crawled in
Turning under bridges to shelter
And rags great apparels for clothing
The ground opened its wide mouth
And swallows bags of bones
As masses are slain for their thirst for truth

The earth mourns
For the death of loved ones
Who became speechless in collapsed wards
Pains of stagnation run in people’s veins
Letting out intermittent howling
By whips of city hunters…

Copyright: Ajuwon Oreoluwa
(Written July 24, 2015)

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