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Nature’s skin
When many times I have left the earth
Why should I shiver at death?
I sleep and smile
In caresses of breeze
Cuddling motherly moon’s eyes
Interweaving grasses, shrubs and trees
I stroll on winds’ silky streets
As a three-in-one fleet
I die and rise everyday
From dusk to ray
With thoughts on sky’s feathery bed
Communicating with palms wedded to my head
Summoning the Oracle screening souls shed
With faces cool or agonizing red
Picking packets of oblivious memory
The past comes alive again
With video of fleshy territory
Of atrocities, loses, pains and gains
We die and rise anyway
At night and day we are rays
That comes and goes like dribbling dew
Till the day of trumpet queue…
Copyright: Adjekpagbon Blessed Mudiaga

I Never Knew It Was You
(For my late uncle, Alex Ibru)
I can’t forget our first meeting in Nineteen-eighty-seven
You were so full of life like a lad of eleven;
Dear uncle, now that you are physically gone
So suddenly unknown to me yesterday afternoon
But until 3:00am today we met in etheric run
Appearing beheaded like clay of a beloved bygone son
Who had kissed the dust seven years ago
I never knew you borrowed image of that one
When you appeared to me this morning with a glow
Until I sprang from sorrowful astral burn,
Was it by natural or unnatural fingers of death
You embraced the last call?
Though your mates are still bubbling with health,
Oh at 66, why did you so hurriedly fall?
You and I were on a positive mission
But suddenly you vanished from physical vision,
While some fruits were prematurely plucked down
I ran anxiously to dig out what is going on in town,
But at last it was too late as the sun has set
In love of missing your clay, tears are watering earth…
Yet, I am consoled your intellectual and business dance
In clay and spirit realm still hold sway in town and trance
For you are not truly dead
But merely transformed to a peaceful esoteric bed…
Cheers! Cheers!! Cheers!!!
Inspite of all rivers of tears
Till we shall shake hands again
In that Elysium field, everlastingly void of pain.

Copyright: Adjekpagbon Blessed Mudiaga

(Dedicated to late Prof. Chinua Achebe)
I remember, I remember the past
When my thought went on a day’s great trek
I remember also the relics of his time
In my mind’s world, roaming about.
O great poet you are. O great teacher
O mighty author, the dictionary master
O man of wisdom whose single work chases
God’s mind in written form if not first!
What a man that fenced against corruption
With a powerful spirit saying:
‘I will never let you rest unless you leave us’
No, they won’t leave us, yes we won’t go
The spirit yelled, and you gave your best.
O great prophet, when you saw Things Falling Apart
In your spirit eyes, many were blind,
And the Arrow of God fired down with great glory.
I remember, I remember
They may forget so soon in life’s
Political pressure
But your pleasant words,
I will always recall until my life says good bye.

Copyright: Ayebulu Gbenga


You fold your feather in patience
Like a blue moon in the tight corner of the sky
And humble your head in meditation
Like a woman who lost her husband
I have seen you with sunset several times
And your friendship makes me hunt for a partner
Partner that will fade with me into stiller-time
As you and sunset do into darkness

I have once drowned into the bush fire of life
Where coldness gripped me with hand of distrust
But I retreated back into my solitude
Like snail escaping the danger of men
Who tend to swirl its blood back and front
I fear the eye is only our limits
The heart has a deep sacred hole beyond seeing
Please tell me how much you’ve seen the sunset’s heart

When you cloth your head within your feather
You look like rat hiding from the cat
How long will you stay in meditation?
Is sunset only a mere partner that lost dignity as men?
If you tell me how reliable the sunset and the tree are?
Or if God is mighty enough to take me out of this earth
To where humanity and honesty built their temple
Maybe I will no longer doubt their existence
Copyright: Bada, Yusuf Amoo

This Verse Will Never End
My hands are shaking
Like a frog under a cold pressure
Hugging the cold earth for warmth
I pray the wind dry into ashes
And fade into grey memory
Somewhere around history or forgetfulness

Alas, something is probing my heart
Something spectacular, something I cannot describe
Something, like line of a red blood
Escaping from the corner of a miniskirt
I know this probing will ever be unending
Until women are no longer victims of emotion

Crowd of thoughts run across my heart
Like Israelites crossing the red sea
Equality is faster than justice
And differences are left behind the crowd
Women marry women and men marry men
The world will die at young

But this verse will never end
Until men grow humanity on their heads
Like fresh hibiscus in a new dawn
The women adhere to metaphysical call of life
Where differences are recognize and honour
And justice mediate between all.
Copyright: Bada, Yusuf Amoo

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