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We Play Politics With Everything – Osinbajo

Playing politics with serious national issues has been identified as one of the biggest drawbacks to national unity in Nigeria.


Playing politics with serious national issues has been identified as one of the biggest drawbacks to national unity in Nigeria.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo stated this while speaking at the Interdenominational Service to mark Nigeria’s 55th Independence anniversary, observed that it is an irony that the sufferings of the over 100 million extremely poor Nigerians mean nothing to politicians.

The Vice President noted that the only panacea to solving Nigeria’s numerous challenges is through the expression of true love for every Nigerian, rather than dwelling on issues that further divide the people.

The Vice President, whose speech focused on unity, noted that having travelled through the length and breadth of the country, the bombs detonated by the Boko Haram insurgents does not discriminate against anyone.

The Vice President who quoted copiously from the Bible to buttress his speech, noted that all religion abhor violence.

The Vice President, who also cited the book of Galatians chapter 3 and verse 8, reiterated that Jesus Christ died for all humanity and never founded any religion while on earth.

“The first order of business for the Church of Jesus Christ today is unity. The unity that recognizes no denominations, no fabrics nor texture, but only one thing; that we are all one in Christ”

“That also applies to our nation. Our nation is sharply divided and has remained divided for long. Our nation is divided along religious lines and even along tribal lines. But the word of God says in Matthew 12:35, that the kingdom divided against itself shall be laid desolate, a city or house divided against itself cannot stand”

“It does not matter whether that is a nation, a house or a city. The moment we are divided against ourselves, we cannot stand”

“We travelled the length and breath of this country especially to the north east, where I have seen children blown into pieces by bombs, I have seen the wounded, the sick and most of them victims of terrorist bombings

“Among them, there were Muslims, there were Christians, there were those who profess no particular faith, but they were all Nigerians. The only thing that United them is that they were all very poor”

“Our Country’s major problem is the fact that at the end of the day, we will play politics with almost everything”

“We play politics of religion, with tribes, but the fate of the vast majority of our people the 110 Million of the extremely poor Nigeria is not concern of anyone”

“That is why I am saying to you that when the bomb of terrorists go off in Potiskum, Maiduguri or even the market place in Gombe, it does not ask are you Christian or a Muslim”. It never ask question of whether you are Yoruba. Igbo or Hausa. No.”

He declared that terrorism cannot be addressed by simplifying it as a context between Muslims and Christians, adding that “we have gone beyond that”

He therefore, urged Nigerians to stand up against terrorism and any form of prejudice that continue to divide the country. He also admonished Christians against creating further divisions, through utterances.

He noted that Jesus did not cone to this world to establish any religion but noted that it was men who established those religions “

As we celebrate our political freedom, I am reminded that true freedom lies in re organizing the true reason why Jesus Christ came to this earth”

He noted that Jesus did not come to separate mankind but came with the redemption and saving grace, which was why he took all the sins of mankind and exchanged his sinless ness for the sins of man.

Earlier in his speech, the guest preacher, Bishop Joseph Bagobiri of the Catholic Diocese of Kafachan had spoken on the topic of “Making Nigeria work as a family, a panacea for building a healthy Nigeria”

In his speech, he lamented what he described as unbalanced distribution of patronages in Nigeria citing the example of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court coming from one section of Nigeria. He declared that “Those who try to rule with discrimination cannot go far”

Bishop Bagobiri also called for justice, fairness and equity.

He indicted northern leaders for keeping quite in the heat of the attacks on Christian communities especially in the northern parts of Nigeria, adding that if they had risen to condemn the acts, the massive slaughter of Christians in the area would have been reduced.

“It was only after that statement by President Buhari that former President Babangida came out and said ‘those insurgents carrying arms in the name of Islam are a disgrace to Islam. We wanted to hear this a long time ago.

It is not late. Brothers, we as Christians and followers of Christ have nothing to hide. We speak everywhere.

The Catholic Cleric who spoke on a wide range of national issues, also called on members of the Christian community on the need for greater unity to confront the challenges facing them.

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