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Saraki/Dogara: ‘APC Should Emulate Jonathan’

National Secretary of the Labour Party (LP), Barrister Kayode Ajulo, has urged on members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to shield their swords emulate former President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, by embracing peace, reports Teddy Nwanunobi in Abuja.

Ajulo, who spoke in Abuja yesterday, particularly urged APC members, who are against the choice of Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki as the Senate President, and Honourable Yakubu Dogara as Speaker of the House of Representatives to emulate Jonathan, who sacrificed personal interests to save the country from chaos.

“For peace and stability to remain, Lawan and his group should accept the outcome of the election, and take solace in the fact that President Jonathan started these peace moves by relinquishing power, even before declaring Buhari’s victory. “All I need to let them know is that there should be peace.

This is the issue of sharing of offices. To me, I do not think we need to lose our heads over that,” he said. Ajulo also described the election of Saraki as legitimate, urging Senator Ahmed Lawan to respect constitutional authority by accepting him as the Senate President. “Section 63 of the Constitution is so clear on how Senate President and the Speaker would emerge.

Apart from the fact that it talked about proclamation, Section 63(3) fully explained about 1/3 as the quorum: Not only that a quorum was formed, more than the quorum was formed. “I want to believe that they knew what would happen. Staying off was safer to save their face from imminent defeat. If they had conducted election with them in the chamber, they would have still been defeated. “And when you look at it very well, after the proclamation, the business of the day would be to choose the Senate President. If you decide on your own accord not to be present, you cannot be seem to complain.

All lovers of this country should applaud what happened that day,” he maintained. He noted that any move by Lawan and his supporters to seek legal redress will amount to nothing as due process was followed in the election of Saraki and his deputy, Senator Ike Ekweremadu. “APC should know its limit and power when it comes to elected offices. Going to court should be for a serious thing and not for mundane issues.

They should accept that they have failed this time around and that our law prevailed and allow Nigeria to move forward. Nigerians are expecting a vibrant law making process and not a fight over inordinate ambition. “Though I listened to two Lawyers and with due respect, I was so disappointed at what they were saying. A senior lawyers should not be seen canvassing and urging people to go to court so that he can take brief because that was what one of them was saying on air a day after the election.

“That is very unfortunate and I think the disciplinary committee of the Bar should take note of that. A lawyer should know when to dabble into issue not to talk of advising people to go to court. It is like ambulance chasing and I think he needs to be advised on that,” Ajulo stated.

He added that the emergence of Saraki as the Senate President was victory of the forces of rule of law over the forces of rule of some political cabals. “Nigeria is covered by the rule of law. Many people call it constitutionalism and what happened on Tuesday was more of forces of rule of law triumphing over the forces of rule of whims and caprices of some people.

“It was a battle because a situation where you are so sure that you were being elected that day happened to be the day you would be inaugurated and you know that the inauguration would be 10 am but because some cabals summoned you to a meeting, which as at 10 am you were still in that meeting, then, you should know that you have a total disregard to constitutional authority, to the rule of our country and even to the inauguration you supposed to attend.

“My joy is that at the end of the day, our constitution is victorious. Victorious in the sense that the business of that inauguration still continued and ended well. “The essence or the implication of what happened yesterday was that rule of law prevailed.

The opposite of rule of law is the rule of whims and caprices of some people. “What happened yesterday was symbolic, where some people have the opportunity to either follow the law or the whims and caprices of their godfathers and those that followed their godfathers lost out and that is significant or one of the greatest achievements of our democracy.

“Aside the peace we achieved immediately after Buhari won election, this is another significant achievement to our democracy,” Ajulo added. Ajulo also urged APC to investigate the summon to asserts in if it actually emanated from President Mohammadu Buhari. “As at now, there is a controversy over who actually summoned the meeting.

First, I believe and I am waiting for President Buhari to come out and categorically say that he summoned the meeting. “Then, I would like to put it to him that the meeting was ultra verse, even his proclamation. If you know the inauguration would begin by 10 am, why summoning meeting to override it. Assuming CNA waited, all of us would have faulted it. That is the reason I said what happened on Tuesday has the backing of the law,” he concluded.

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