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PDP Tackles Kwankwaso Over Ekweremadu

Patrick Osadebamwen, in Abuja reports on the salvo from the PDP in reaction to the statement by Senator Rabiu Kwakwan- so that the party would create problem for the APC government with the election Senator Ike Ekweremadu of PDP as Senate Deputy President

Not wanting to any matter lying low since the election of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has taken Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso and former Governor of Kano state to task, describing his statements that Ekweremadu’s emergence poses danger for the APC central government as incendiary comments laced with hate speech.

The Peoples Democratic Party said that Kwankwaso’s state- ments was capable of destabilizing the National Assembly and rubbishing the prevailing political tranquility enjoyed in the country.

National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh said this yesterday in a statement and pointed out that the hate statement from Senator Kwankwaso wherein he used offensive language on the PDP and its members in the National Assembly particularly shocked the party.

The party said it was “taken aback by the venom and bitterness in the statement especially coming from a former governor, an elected senator, a highly respected former member of the PDP, who also benefitted hugely from the party as minister and two time state governor.

The PDP said it would have wished not to join issues with politicians who grew their political profile in the party no matter where they are at the moment, but regretted that “Senator Kwankwaso went too far in declaring the party dead just because he is aggrieved that the Senate Presidency did not go his way.”

It said it is “indecorous, mischievous and misleading for any- body to declare a party with an enviable history as the PDP, with 14 state governors, 47 Senators and hundreds of members in the House of Representatives and State Houses of Assembly dead.”

“Where was Senator Kwankwaso when a party he claimed was dead defeated his choice candidate in the Senate? Was it a dead party that was able to do what according to Kwankwaso, no other party could do in the 16 years of PDP control of the National Assembly?

“Indeed, we found it very baffling that such unguarded state- ment came from a person who contested for the high office of the president of Nigeria.

Statements from such personalities should be decorous, states manlike and focused on the national interest instead of promoting acrimony and division in the polity. This unfortunate outburst is well below Senator Kwankwaso’s character and status and we urge him to desist from such”, the PDP said.

The party underlined that Senator Kwankwaso and other APC leaders should rather be grateful to PDP senators for being disciplined and not using their preponderance at the inauguration to take the entire leadership of the Senate following the opening created by the APC leaders in convening a meeting of senators-elect at the same time fixed for the election of the leaders of the National Assembly.

Furthermore, the PDP dismissed as frivolous, Senator Kwak- waso’s unfounded and unsubstantiated claim that PDP’s agenda’s is to irritate President Muhammadu Buhari and put hurdle before him. It recalled that it had repeatedly assured that it would help the government by providing robust and constructive opposition that would help his government unlike APC’s hate opposition, adding that such baseless complains would not stop Nigerians from holding the APC led federal government responsible on its campaign promises.

The party also described as laughable, Senator Kwankwaso’s claims that under President Buhari, everything is working well in the country and wondered why he failed to give the credit for the stability in the nation to whom it is due, immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan whose conceding of power even amidst electoral irregularities brought the conducive atmosphere the nation is enjoying today.

It noted with delight the statesmanly stance of President Buhari who at the just concluded African Union (AU) summit in South Africa eulogised former President Jonathan for taking the unique action that brought calm to the country.

On Kwakwaso’s claim of giving 1.9 million votes from his state and over 750,000 votes from his senatorial zone to Buhari and APC, the PDP said it does not want to join issues with him on that because of its decision to toe the path of peace except to note the electoral ridicule of 1.9 million voters, with no single void vote, a record for the Guinness Book.

The PDP therefore advised Senator Kwankwaso and others like him who may still be aggrieved about the turn of events at the National Assembly to see it as democracy in action and note that the two major religions in the country hold that only God gives power and that if He did not destined that Senators Bukola Saraki and Ike Ekweremadu, would emerge President and Deputy President of the 8th Senate respectively, it would not have happened.

Former governor of Kano State Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso had two days ago stirred the hornets nest when he said election of a deputy senate president from the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will create problems for the Muhammadu Buhariled All Progressives Congress (APC) administration. To checkmate that possibility, he urged the APC National Chairman, Chief John Oyegun to write a letter of rebuke to Saraki and the other sena- tors who are members of the party in order to ensure party disci- pline. Kwankwaso, who spoke with newsmen in Abuja drew a parallel with the case involving former Speaker Aminu Tambuwal and described the Senate matter as worse

He said:. “In 2011 the Tambuwal case was a case of going out of the zoning but all the positions went to the members of the party while this time around, because of the ambition of members of our party they went and connived with people who are not only opponents but enemies of the party to fight the party after the people of this country have discarded these people,” he said.

Continuing, he said: “I think the party unfortunately is divided but it is not too late to correct things. The party should take certain steps to ensure such things don’t happen again in the party. “Buko- la should not go too far on his ambition. At his level people should be more careful about what they do. Members of the party should have limitations, they should know where to start and where to stop. I think this is going too far romancing members of the PDP,” he said, adding that “As far as we are concerned, PDP was dead until recently when ambition brought certain people to do what they should not do in party politics now they are creating unnecessary line for them and some of them are surfacing again making all sorts of statements,” . “What complicated the whole matter is that the situation now is that more than 50 percent of Bukola is in PDP. If you take the position of the senate president it becomes more difficult. The implication is that very soon the leadership of the senate will start Tambuwalising the party and of course the government as we have seen in 2011,”

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