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Mu’azu Takes A Bow

FrancisMoses  writes on the eventual exit from office of the Peoples Democratic Party’s National Chairman, Alhaji Adamu Muazu’s after his initial resistance to calls to quit honourably.

It is no longer news that the embattled national chairman of the peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and former Governor of Bauchi State, Alhaji Adamu Muazu, has thrown in the towel.

No thanks to the just concluded general elections, which exposed Muazu to the trouble waters. Since its awful outing in the last general elections, the PDP has not been the same with many calling for Muazu’s head. Now, the head is off. Also, it was reliably gathered that President Goodluck Jonathan, has asked the chairman of PDP Board of Trustees (BoT), Chief Anthony Anenih, to resign.

But it is not known whether Anenih has accepted to resign or not. In a letter he wrote to the Deputy National Chairman, Prince Uche Secondus, Muazu, noted that due to the abysmal performance of the party in the 2015 general elections, it became imperative for him to leave and for peace to reign in the PDP. He further asked Secondus to step in as acting National Chairman in line with the party’s constitution.

Prior to this time, Mu’azu, had warned members of the party against tearing the party apart. Muazu, who spoke through his Special Adviser on Media, Mr. Tony Amadi, while addressing newsmen recently, said he would not resign despite the calls from many quarters for him to back out, stressing that the PDP would be history if he bows to the pressure. Reacting to the threat by some members to form a PDP faction should he remain in office, Mu’azu said, “Let them go and form their parallel party and let us see where they are going to get their votes from. “The only reason Mu’azu doesn’t want to resign is because if he does, those who want the PDP buried will succeed,” he stated.

The national chairman said he was not the problem of the PDP, adding that what should be uppermost in the minds of genuine party leaders should be how to rebuild it. He slammed Ekiti State governor, Ayo Fayose and other chieftains of the party who are calling for his resignation. Mu’azu asked, “Why are these people trying to create problems for themselves and the outgoing President? The President has said let us sheathe our swords; that is why we have not said anything for the past one week and we obeyed the President.

He is our leader; why are they doing this? “I thought that we have finished elections, we have got a President-elect and we are going to hand over to the President- elect. Why are they taking us back? Please, let them cool down, Mu’azu is not the problem.”

But in a quick reaction, Mr. Fayose, said, “The PDP cannot break under any circumstance. Secondly, Mu’azu as chairman or not, cannot and will not break the PDP. Mu’azu is not a force enough to break PDP.” Fayose insisted that if Mu’azu resigned as the PDP’s chairman, the party would remain.

“How can a man who cannot win his ward, local government and state say the   PDP will be buried if he resigns?” he asked The Ekiti State governor added that even if he left the PDP, the party would still remain. However, before his resignation the Director of Media and Publicity of the (PDP) Presidential Campaign Organisation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, had lambasted Mu’azu- led National Working Committee (NWC) of the party.

Fani-Kayode affirmed that for the PDP to regain its lost glory, persons like Mu’azu and his NWC members needed to be fired. Speaking with newsmen in Abuja recently, Fani-Kayode said, “The present leadership of the party, particularly its information organs, stands no chance against an APC Federal Government because they are weak and they lack understanding and courage.

“They will be savaged beyond belief and torn apart if they try it because they do not have the stomach, the grit, the appetite or the wherewithal for a long drawn fight. “They are simply incapable of defending the President and his legacies after he has left office and neither are the majority of them even ready to do so. Instead of focusing on their numerous inadequacies and   trying to fix them, these very same people are hurling brick bats at others.

“Instead of preparing to defend the party and enhancing the fortunes of the party members over the next four years, they are making childish and nonsensical allegations and alienating and upsetting many party leaders. “What the NWC said about us is undoubtedly the unkindest cut of all. It is like Brutus’ betrayal of Julius Caesar. It is wicked, uncharitable and unacceptable and some of us will not take it.

“What they need to understand and appreciate is that we will not sit by idly and allow them re-write history or make us the fall guys. The only reason we have not opened up on them is out of respect for President Jonathan and because we want to ensure that our party remains united.

“They are indeed the enemy within. The truth is that their allegation is not only baseless but it is also unadulterated rubbish and those who made them are nothing but ingrates, cowards and traitors who know nothing about politics, political campaigns, intellectual discourse or political engagement. “They are simply trying to revise and re-write history in order to cover up their treachery, weaknesses and inadequacies. They are fueled by hate and envy and worse of all, right from the start, they had no interest in fighting for our leader and presidential candidate, President Goodluck Jonathan or in ensuring that he won the election.

“From day one, all they did was sulk about the fact that a Presidential Campaign Organisation had been set up and that they would not be able to have control of the campaign themselves or have access to the resources that we were given. “At every point, they tried to undermine our efforts and sabotage us but we ignored them and remained focused on doing our job despite their provocations. From day one, all they were interested in was in controlling others and telling them what to do. They were not in the fray, they refused to enter the heat of battle and all they did was moan and bicker from the side walk like little children.”

Meanwhile this new development may have worsened the crisis rocking the party, the report added. However, few days ago, Fayose had finally made real his threat to expose alleged under dealings between Muazu and the All Progressives Congress (APC) before the general elections. In an interview with Channels Television recently, Fayose recalled the treatment he got during a visit to Mu’azu five days before his election last year. His words, “I was in his (Mu’azu’s) house for five hours, few days to my election, he didn’t attend to me.

He later came out to address us that he’s expecting a visitor in his house, who doesn’t want to see any Yoruba man. “I was insistent and was later persuaded to leave. Since then, I kept tab on him. I drove out to watch him closely down to the ring-road close to his house. There, I realised that the important figure was Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. “When I returned, he told me himself, maybe he has forgotten or not. He confidently told me.

He said ‘Ayo, sorry, it’s Tinubu..’Imagine the national chairman of a party, sending away his party members to receive, the leader of an opposition party!” On why he is admired by the people, Fayose said “They (candidates) want the vote of a leper, but they cannot shake the leprous. They want the vote of a groundnut seller; they cannot shake the groundnut seller. “I’m a local man, I don’t use bullet proof cars, and I wind down the glass of my car to see my people and wave to them, encourage them and make them happy.”

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