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Missing N3B Split Kwankwaso, Ganduje

The N3billion Kano indigent Oversea Students Scholarship is missing. And the former Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso and his successor, Mohammed Ganduje are tearing at each, reports Idibia Gabriel in Kaduna.

Indications haved emerged during the week that the hostile relationship between Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano State and his predecessor Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso appears to be deepening by the day. The duo, who had jointly served the state for eight solid years as governor and deputy governor respectively are sharply divided over a staggering sum of N3billion owed Kano state indigent students studying in oversea.

These outstanding amount has continue to generate debates in Kano, bringing into serious question the integrity of the past administration jointly piloted by the then Governor Kwankwaso and his deputy Governor Ganduje.

The cat was let out of bag early in August when governor Ganduje opened up to the leadership of the students on the missing billions during a courtesy visit of the latter after all efforts to resolved the difference between the duo proved abortive. Trouble started in earnest when the cold war between the two current Kano front-line politicians degenerated to full blown hostility following the threat by the Ganduje to expose Kwankwaso’s past stewardship in office.

Ganduje, who broke the silence when he hosted the leadership of Kano State Students studying abroad, under the aegis of Egyptbased General Association of Northern Nigeria Students raised the alarm over alleged distortion of the state scholarship programme. The long-time Kwankwaso’s political soul mate threw caution to the wind when he declared before the : “For one year, Kwankwaso did not pay a single kobo as tuition fee for our students studying abroad”, adding that “Right now, Kano State government owes those students N3 billion, and painfully, our revenue is dwindling and we would be cautious in handling the situation”.

Ganduje, the new strongman of Kano State politics also revealed that the non-payment of the student’s tuition fee was the making of the Kwankwaso administration, even as he stressed: “For whatever reasons, the Kwankwaso administration distorted the scholarship programme”.The enraged governor told the leadership of the students that “I’ve decided to let the cat out of the bag so that, as educated people, you would understand where your problems lies”. Our correspondent reliably learn that penultimate Wednesday of the week, the weekly state executive meeting, presided over by Ganduja, debated this failing of the Kwankwaso administration and condemned it for failing to fulfill its financial obligation to the programme despite the allegation that huge amounts of money in foreign currency allocated to it by the former federal government.

The clash is however said to have ruffled feathers in the APC camp, though nobody is ready to take sides, particularly with the philosophy of Kwakwansiyya propagated by Kwakwanso is still to wane, making it hard for the incumbent to make a strong case against the former governor. Whichever angle or stand point it is being viewed, the allegations raised are weighty and the growing incidences to now serve as the beginning of the problems of the duo and that of Kano state in general.

A Many party members however consider the allegations a double edge sword that may not do any of the warriors any good, if it is allowed to rage for too long. They say it would pose a serious threat to the peaceful political atmosphere the people of the state and within the APC in particularly.

Apart from polarising the members and supporters of the duo, there is the fear that elements from without may want to capitalize on it to cause trouble in the party, leading to an unknown consequences for the future political ambition of the current leading politicians, considering the fractious nature of Kano politics, which Kwankwanso has seemly broken by his erstwhile strong grip over the party structures.

Some even say Ganduje who has been a political soul mate of Kwakwanso since the latter’s ministerial appointment, through his two tenure in office as governor, may be toying with his second term ambitious, especially since he is yet to build his own political structures.

Like the case the past governors and their predecessors who went through a sweetand- sour relationship, Ganduje’s current cat and mouse game which blew open in August, three months after taken over the mantle of leadership of Kano state, may not be in his favour if he push further with the matter, said a source in Kano.

As things stand now, there is no telling who will blink first. Kwakwanso has allowed the matter to wear itself out, while Ganduje, appears to have accepted his faith with a promise to see what help he can render the students. But how far can he wait, if, as the student’s said, their institutions may throw them out if they fail to make their remittances in a few months?

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