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‘Kogi Will Remain A PDP State’

You have just finished attending an executive meeting of the state. May we know the outcome?

Well, it is the nature of Governor Idris Wada to involve stakeholders in the running of the affairs of the state or the party. He does this by involving the young and old to meet minds on vital issues that concern the state. He is the type of person that never take any how decision without wide consultation; if it concerns the party he will make sure the party people are in the picture, if it’s the one that concerns the state, he will call on EXCO meeting before any decision will be taken. He believes that without God nothing is possible. As for today’s meeting, the call for the meeting is to put in place the committee that will work with the national secretariat of the party on the way forward in respect of the next Kogi governorship elections. Also discussed was the tenure of the party executives in the state that has come to an end. The meeting discussed how to nominate acting officials for the party so that things can be set right before the next party election in the state.

Can you briefly educate us on the chances of PDP in winning the next governorship Election?

Let me quickly tell you that Kogi is a PDP state and I believe you must have read through the last edition of Graphics Newspaper, the state owned paper or watched the NTA when the former Governor Alhaji Ibrahim Idris came into Government House recently to meet with Capt. Idris Wada the seating governor to put heads together on the way forward, simply because Wada done well in the past three and half years. And immediately after the meeting, the former governor came out publicly to say that Kogi is PDP state and will remain PDP State till the final decision of Almighty God. He further assured all Kogites that by the grace of God they would work hard to claim the victory and retain the state for PDP as a party for the coming election in November 2015.

How would you rate Capt. Wada on infrastructure development in the state?

I think I will score him 99.9%. If you look at the quality of the general hospital he has built at Odu-Ogboyaga, if you look at that of Icheke in Omala L.G.A, if you drive to Kogi Hotels that you and I know its poor state before Capt. Wada came into power, all of which has turned the state into a beautiful world of tourism. Shortly the project will be ready for commissioning. Take a look at the University teaching hospital that will give more employment to the people of the state, even the value of Anyigba where the University teaching hospital is located has increased. Added to these is the ALLO-ITOBE cement factory, which would soon be completed and the ten or eleven story building of Kogi State House in Abuja. That linked road o Ganaja Ajaokuta road which is a very good one, look at the reclamation of the waterfront just like what it is in lever pool. What about the drainage that is been built and which make road construction in the state to match international standard. because you cannot just award a road contract offer six months you will start patching the same road that was constructed six month ago. These projects will last several years because of their quality. When it comes to housing, look at the 500 Housing Units, which is at the roofing stage as well as the plastering of the rooms. So we can see where the money is been spent. If you recall that Kogi is one of the state that receives meager resources from the federation allocation, then you should give it to Wada for spending the money judiciously. We have heard of many states that owe their workers between six to seven and nine months salaries, but here in Kogi state we owe only the month of June. By the grace of God, the government is working hard to get it paid and that will happen shortly. So we here are proud of the performance of Capt. Idris Wada.

How do you rate the level of job going on in Ajaokuta steel company and the way forward?

The Ajaokuta steel issue is a conspiracy by west against the east, when the west and the eastern powers tussle hobbled the plant. If not Ajaokuta steel would have meant a lot for Kogi state by turning it into an industrial hob for Nigeria and sub-Sahara Africa. This is still a goal waiting to be taped and we are asking the new Federal government to go in there and clean up Ajaokuta and you would see the amount of jobs, the amount of economic returns and the lot of investments that would come out if the place is brough back to life again. If Ajaokuta is working the dwindling oil resources would be a joke because the revenue you are going to derived from there will be three times more than what we are getting for oil. So the new Government or the federal Government should look into the matter as a matter of urgency and take action.

What can you say about the agitation for power shift in Kogi State, is there anything you have to say?

One thing in a democracy is that the strength of number that matters. If there is a constitution that says power must shift within the three geo- political zones that should be a different issue but as it is now unless we come to the table on a round table agreement we would all be talking about it for talking sake. If we come together on a round table, we can negotiate it. Fighting over it for fighting sake and latter you want to come back to settle the fight is more difficult. I remember what my father once told me about such matters that it is better to speak your mind so that you would not be blamed or found guilty later. Even if you were right initially, you may turn out to be guilty in the end. So the best way around it is a round table settlement because we are all brothers and together we shall leave and move our country forward. When we were in Kabba province we went to school together, we ate together and we slept together on the same bed. If an Okun man or woman is in Idah, it is just like home and so too for an Igala man in Kabba or an Ibira in Igala. So what are we fighting for?

Briefly tell us about the benefit of Kogi state of the establishment of the vocational school in Kogi, by Nigeria and Korean friendship that is about to be commission on 28th of July 2015?

The mission of the Nigeria Korean friendship institute Lokoja, Kogi state Nigeria it has the following mission among others To educate competent graduates, provide competent skill and develop skills in technology for the industries and economy, provide quality capacity building programme industries through the up to date curriculum also provide the necessary links between Educations.


-In this interview with The UNION, Hon. Alfa Ibn Mustapha, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Kogi State Capt. Idris Wada on Special Projects, highlights some of the drastic improvements in the social and economic infrastructure of Kogi State under the administration of Governor Idris Wada.

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