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It was An Honour To Work For Jonathan–Fani-Kayode

Patrick Osadebamwen, in Abuja was among colleagues who ran into former PDP Presidential Campaign Spokesman on Monday and had this brief encounter with him, the first since the general election. Excerpts:

Former Director General of the now rested Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organisation, (PDP-PCO) Femi Fani Kayode was his boisterous self on Monday when reporters ran into him at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja and asked him a few things, particularly about the just concluded election in which he played the role of Director of Media and Publicity of the President Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Organisation.

The fiery presidential campaign spokesperson had no place for lamentation, neither was he apologetic in anyway. The campaign was run with all sincerity of purpose and the election has been won and lost, period. According to him the directorate did all it could within democratic practices to defend the interest of its candidate who assigned them to work and that candidate, the President has not in one moment complained about them but in fact commended them, even though some members of the National Working Committee of the party has taken another more critical view following the outcome of the poll. He said: “It was an honor to work for President Jonathan and he provided us with all the support, inspiration and encouragement that we needed.

If he has not complained about the Presidential Campaign Organisation and all that we did, who are those that are now complaining? “He appointed us and we are accountable to him and no-one else. He did not complain about any hate campaign and neither did he insult us after we finished our work so why on earth should we lose any sleep over the utterances of one or two frustrated NWC members who have no respect for themselves or their party members, who have no intellectual stamina and who lack credibility.

“The President commended our efforts and thanked us for all we did after the conclusion of the election. That is the right and proper thing to do and we are more than happy with that. We are very grateful to him for that gesture. Nothing else matters to us. “The only reason we have not opened up on them is out of respect for President Jonathan and because we want to ensure that our party remains united. “That does not however mean that we are fools or that we will allow ourselves to be turned into sitting ducks or someone’s punching bag. That does not mean that we will allow them to treat us as soft targets or that we are incapable of hitting back.

“The lies, falsehood, innuendos and terrible stories that they are bandying around about us are just despicable and if they do not stop, they will divide the party and utterly destroy it. That is the sad and bitter truth. In playing this game blame and pointing fingers at others, they are biting off far more than they can chew.

“The fact is that the Presidential Cam paign Organisation not only did an excellent job but we also fought a damn good fight. We fought a better fight than any other organ of the party had fought over the last two or three years against a relentless, well-funded, well-motivated and well organised opposition. He however said the silence of members of the directorate in the face of the NWC’s critical position did not mean consent but a sure way to ensure that the needed healing process for rebuilding the party was sustained.

“However what the NWC said about us is undoubtedly the unkindest cut of all. It is like Brutus’ betrayal of Julius Caesar. It is wicked, uncharitable and unacceptable and some of us will not take it. What they needed to understand and appreciate is that we will not sit by idly and allow them re-write history or make us the fall guys” At any rate, he stressed that the fit-ofthe moment critique of some of the NWC does not subtract from the fact that the august body contains some of the best and brightest of the party, namely Uche Secundus, Kema Chikwe, Barrister Jalo, Wale Oladipo, whom he consider true believers of the party within the ranks of the PDP-NWC and worked well with them whilst the other members of the NWC was envious of the PDP-PCO a divide that affected the fortunes of the party and led to her loss in the election.

He denounced those who he considered worked less than they should have done to ensure victory for the party “From day one all they were interested in was in controlling others and telling them what to do. They were not in the fray, they refused to enter the heat of battle and all they did was moan and bicker from the sidewalk like little children. What we were doing and attempting to do was lost on them because they had never taken anything seriously and they found it hard to comprehend the logic and style of those of us that did.

“Their arrogance was insufferable, they were an unmitigated disaster and their leadership style was abysmal. It still is. If any group of people were responsible for our loss, it was they. They were envious of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation and its high profile and they are nothing but a bunch of bitter and treacherous ingrates who have no business leading a political party.

“It is important to note that not all of them were bad. Some of them like Uche Secundus, Kema Chikwe, Barrister Jalo, Wale Oladipo, the National Youth Leader and a few others did their very best and supported the President as best as they could but the majority of them were terrible.

“Before the Presidential Campaign Orgaisation came into being, the PDP had virtually lost its voice and those that   do not recognise this have obviously lost touch with reality. Those that attack us and cast aspersion on our character and blame us for the failure of our party and our president to win the election are not seeing things clearly.

“They are hopelessly confused and they have no idea how political campaigns are conducted in the civilised world. Their accusations are not only baseless, but they are also self-serving. We didn’t just talk but we did our research. We were effective and devastating and that is all that matters to me.

We have nothing against Buhari but we had a job to do and we did it as best as we could. Those that lacked the guts, the finesse and the capacity to do the job should stop whining and instead they should try and learn from those of us that are capable of doing it and that are prepared to do it for the sake of our President, our party and our country.

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