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Hon. Idimogu

‘I’ ll Do My Best To Impact My Constituency’

Hon. Jude Emeka Idimogu, hails from Imo State and represents Oshodi/Isolo Constituency 11 at the Lagos State House of Assembly. He was among the honourable members inaugurated on Monday by the Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwumi Ambode. In a chat with select journalists in Lagos, he speaks on his plans for the people of his constituency and how he intends to function in the house coming from an opposition background. Peterclaver Egbochue was there. Excerpts:

Having been inaugurated as a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, what are your plans for your constituency?

Of course, my plans for my people, by the grace of God are to give them the dividends of democracy. However, you know that we are lawmakers and not executives. Primarily, we are going to ensure that we make good laws that will benefit Lagosians as a whole and in particular my people in Oshodi/Isolo Constituency 11 and also do what we call oversight functions and quality representation. I want to assure the people in my constituency that the effort they made to put me here will not be in vain. I am going to collaborate with them, it is not going to be one-man show. I shall always lobby my colleagues in the house whenever there are issues. Really, my area is backward in terms of essential amenities. I hope to collaborate with the executive to ensure that we effect the necessary changes. They will see improvement by the special grace of God with the support of my colleagues.

As a non-indigene coming from an opposition political party, do you think you will be able to deliver on these promises?

Of course! You see, in the house, we do not talk about parties. In the house, we are one family and our concern is essentially to deliver on our electoral promises. We do not talk about APC, PDP or any other party. All we talk about is what do we do to ensure that Lagosians enjoy the dividends of democracy? That is our primary concern. Even when issues come up, it does not the party you come from, it does not matter, what is important is to be able to lobby your colleagues and see how you can resolve it. It’s about lobbying, how do you relate with others? If you relate very well and lobby them, and there is the need for you to actually sponsor a motion that you that will be for the benefit of the entire state and your constituency in particular, I believe with their support, you will have your way. So it has nothing to do with party affiliation.

What will be your message to your people?

My message to my people is that very soon, they will find out that they did not make a mistake by voting me into office. I will do my very best to change positively, the course of my constituency. I will also ask them for their prayers and I will use this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to them for their support. We have commenced today and by the grace of God, it has started counting.

As a new comer, what difference do you want to make and what legacy do you want to leave behind by the time your tenure ends?

I shall work hard with my colleagues to ensure that we improve on what the 7th assembly did,we are now the 8th assembly that have come, we are going to work together. I have always said it that it is not a one-man show. We are 40 in number. All of us have resolved to work together as a team to promote Lagos State, we want Lagos state to keep on working and improve on what it is as at today. It is our duty. But remember, we are not the executives but we will work with them and we will also work with the Judiciary too. As to the question you asked me, there would definitely be a difference during my tenure and by the time my tenure would have ended, my people will see the difference and they will believe that they did not make a mistake voting me into the house.

What message do you have for the youths from your constituency?

For the youths, definitely, youth empowerment must come their way. We will discuss. Now we have adjourned, my job has started and I must find time to laise with them. It is not just standing and saying you will do this and that. We will meet and talk. But again, it depends on the resources available, we will do those things that are more paramount and will impact lives. Whatever dreams they want to achieve on their own, they must trust God and by His grace, they will achieve it.

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