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Ekiti: Women Fight Dirty Over Kingship Stool

Emmanuel Ani, Ado in Ado- Ekiti reports on the fights by women of different camps over chieftaincy stool in Ikere-Ekiti, threatening to throw the second most populous town into prolonged crisis.

Three ruling houses laying claim the right to be elected monarch into the vacant throne of Ikere-Ekiti are still tearing at each other until, according to them, Governor Fayose intervenes to annul the election of Mr Jimi Adu as Ogaga. They accuse the Ikere Dvelopment Union, IDU, of foisting Adu on them, claiming that he has no biological root with the families.

Following the peaceful demonstration mounted by women some days ago, another group of women have allege that the regent has taking side, accusing her of sponsoring the protest. A frontline women group in Ikere -EkitI, Ikere Women Front,(lWF) blamed the recent kingship protest in the community on the desperation of the Akayejo Ruling House led by the regent, Princess Oyinlola Ayooye to impose its stooge as the next ‘Oba’ of the town through violent means.

The women group claimed that the group of women who some newspapers reported to have protested against the choice of Adu Adejimi as the next Oba of the town were entirely a group of women from the Akayejo Ruling House which were ignorantly mobilised by their payers to rubbish the image of the state government and discredit the choice of the new king.

The leader of the group, Mrs Rotimi Ilori who berated the regent for sponsoring a campaign against the state government and the personality of the state Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose over the obaship tussle opined that the regent and her cohorts had become drunk by the largesse of office and were ready to exchange the peace of the town for chaos in order to elongate her tenure .

‘Those women are not Ikere genuine women. They are wives and children of the Akayejo Ruling House.If you know the history of Ikere women ,you will know we do not converge for cheap and sectional interest like this. When we fight for anything it is for the general good of the town. lf you are a true mother, you would not say somebody can not be king because her mother is from the Okekere section of the town because tomorrow the reprisal may be on your side’, she warned.

She also warned the warring section of the Uro axis of the town to stop pursuing any sectional agenda which may lead to uprising from the other sections of the community noting the peace of the town should be paramount in the heart of any true lkere sons and daughters.

While commending the Oba-Elect , Prince Adu Adejimi for the way and manner he had been handling all issues relating to the Ogoga stool, she alluded that his approach was like that of one of the two Hebrew women who was the actual owner of the controversial child whose case was brought before King Solomon.

‘If you are a good observer of event , you will know that the charisma being displayed by the Adu camp has helped a lot in crippling the present crisis.The candidate they want to impose had no vote with the kingmakers and the ifa oracle was sceptical about him, yet he wants to become the Oba through violence.. lf it is violence, do they have the financial muscle of the Oba-Elect. l think Adejimi has passed the true test of a worthy leader by suing for peace instead of chaos in the interest of lkere people’, she explained.

ln the same vein, a group of women from Ogbenuote and Agabaola Ruling Houses have accused some powerbrokers from the Akayejo Ruling House of impersonating the entire Ikere women. Addressing newsmen in lkere Ekiti, leaders of the two families, Mrs Rhoda Ogunleye and Chief( Mrs) Omolara Adeyemi said the action of the women from the Akayejo family was a disgrace to lkere town and motherhood in its entirety.

Mrs Rhoda Ogunleye who noted that the Ajayejo family can not match women from the other ruling houses when it comes to protests and crisis, noted that they were only trying to make the peace of the community first in their involvements as regards the crisis. ‘Those old women were ignorantly coerced into this protest. This is a disgrace and flagrant abuse of womanhood. How many of them could ask their aged mother to be protesting in the scorching sun like that. They are just exploiting their low economic states by dolling out 1000 naira each to these women for a whole day ‘walk ‘in the name of a family struggle. This is ridiculous!’, she stated.

She appealed to the regent and the Akayejo Ruling House to stop desecrating Ogoga stool through any shambolic media campaign and street protest noting that whoever wants to become Ogoga must emerge through the process laid down by the law and not by mischief and rabblerousing. ‘We have a governor in the person of Mr Ayodele Fayose whose lntelligent-Quotient is far better than the one of most Professors. He reordered that another screening be conducted; Adu had 11 out of 14 in the first, and in the second, none of the opposing camp had any vote.

Adejimi got all the votes .They are never prepared, their candidate just wants to wake up one day and find the crown on his head. No person becomes an Oba in our contemporary society again through such voodoo or magic ‘, she affirmed, The women advised the state government to announce the result of the screening exercise before it affirming that the Oba-Elect is the popular choice of all lkere people.

Meanwhile, elders from the Uro quarter of lkere Ekiti led by Mr Joseph Epedola have enjoined the Oba -Elect to use his experience over the years in both public and private sectors to bring development to the town and harmonise every quarter of the community under his leadership as the Oba of the second largest town in Ekiti State.

Mr Epedola who said the crisis on the Ogoga stool is normal in any large community, insisted that the Adu Adejimi lineage and family are well known to everyone in the Uro and the entire lkere community noting that any accusation to the contrary is laughable . He alleged that the present crisis in relation to the Ogoga stool was being fueled by a very few people from a particular royal lineage who want to perpetually hold on to the exalted traditional stool till eternity.

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