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‘Buhari’s Anti-graft War Should Be Holistic’

What would you say is the reason for registering a new political party like yours?

We believe that registering our party at this time was very appropriate, we have seen where perceived new political party was registered, came onboard, contested for an election and won. Today that party that was seen as a new political party is the one ruling this country and the same thing could happen to our party. When Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, that later merged with other parties was registered nobody knew that the party was going to take the mantle of leadership in this country from the ruling PDP government and that has happened. Look at the country now, it is being ruled by the leader of that party, the same thing might happen to our party. DPC is newly registered, yes, tomorrow we might take over the leadership of this country. That is why we are all working around the clock to ensuring that this party is taken to its deserved destination in this country. By the emergence of Democratic People’s Congress, the Nigerian political equation will be altered for better. The DPC factor is a critical factor in the political calculations of the country in the quest for a strong, virile progressive and decent nation.

How spread is your party and what are you doing to ensuring that its presence is felt in the whole states of the federation?

As we speak now we are present in over 25 sates of this country, we strongly believe that by the end of this month, the whole states would feel our presence because we are working tirelessly to ensuring that we are every where, in all the nook and cranny of this country. We just concluded our first National Executive Committee Meeting (NEC) here in Abuja where several issue affecting our party were discussed, on how we shall participate in subsequent elections in the country.

We have several other political parties in the country; others are newly registered like yours while others have been there for many years, tell us the difference between your party and others that have existed before your emergence?

Our party is coming up with a very different political ideology from other parties that existed before us, some of these political parties have many things in common but DPC has a different political manifesto for Nigerian masses, it tends to create a difference orientation and political atmosphere that Nigerians have never seen before in this country. We have been thinking of many concepts and political ideologies that could improve Nigerian welfare and status. We are talking we are consulting to make sure that this party does what Nigerians want which other parties have not been able to do for electorate. Soon we shall role out our drums ranging from positive programs and activities that could add values to people lives. It is in our manifestos that political parties should impact on the people, the Nigerian masses not necessarily until the get into office, or hold political position in this country. Very soon Nigerians would begin to see us as a political party carrying out several program and policies that could impact positively on them. These among other things is what we have in stock for Nigerians and that is the different between us and other political parties in the country.

What is your assessment of the ongoing anti-graft war by the federal government?

As a political party, we are of the opinion that Nigerians must give the needed support to President Mohammed Buhari and Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo to carry out war on corruption. The anti-graft agencies that are the EFCC and ICPC too need more support to carry out their mandate effectively to Nigerians. We must ensure that these bodies are given all that is required for them to perform creditably well to the people and for the country, remember that some people also offered them bribe. The point we are here making is that if all the support is given them in terms of logistics and legislation, they might deliver to the expectation of all.

Could you tell us a little about your party and calibers of persons that made up your political party?

DPC has nothing to do with other political parties, we don’t have anything to do with APC or even the PDP, the party is made up of most credible Nigerians who have come together to join their hands and resources together in order to close the existing gap between the government and the people, something other political parties have not been able to bridge. Our party was founded with basics principle of giving that needed support to ordinary Nigerians who need good democratic governance across board.

Just recently we had our first National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting where various crucial party and national issues bordering our party were discussed and we came up with a communiqué, which states as follows: We resolved to uphold internal party democracy at all levels of the party organs in dealings with members on all matters, we also resolved to hold ideology and identity of the Democratic People’s Congress to be sacrosanct agreeing to welcome like-minded politicians for the promotion, deepening of and strengthening of our emerging democracy. Another resolution at our NEC meeting was that our party will partner with the Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC) to ensure free, fair, credible, transparent and acceptable elections in Nigeria. In this regard, our NEC urged INEC to improve the electronic voting system as obtainable in the democracies around the world.

This will eliminate electoral malpractices and violence that characterized elections in Nigeria since independence in 1960. We also call our President Mohammed Buhari to appoint credible Nigerians as ministers and heads of Federal Agencies and consider patriotic citizens outside his ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) in making such appointments in line with the Federal Character principles as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution as amended. At our NEC, we equally urged President Mohammed Buhari government to intensify war on corruption and strengthen ICPC, EFCC, Police and Judiciary to ensure speedy trial of those that looted nation’s entire treasury since 1999.

The war on corruption should be holistic irrespective of political party affiliation. There should be zero tolerance for corruption that has impeded Nigerian development and dented its image around the world. It was also agreed during our NEC meeting that President Buhari should rehabilitate and equip the nation’s tertiary institutions so as to provide quality education to millions of students in these higher institutions. It is a giant step forward in preparing youths to effectively play their roles as future leaders.

NEC also resolved to strengthen its structure in the 36 States of the Federation and Abuja and directed state chapters of our party to engage in massive sensitization and mobilization of new members to the party. DPC is also determined to be third force in Nigeria’s political equation. On the upcoming   Kogi and Byelsa States governorship elections, our party urged credible Nigerians who desire to contest these elections in the platform of our party to obtain the party’s nomination form for a fee of (N5,000,000,00) five million Naira only. The sales of the nomination form for Kogi State governorship starts from 12th August 2015 while that of Bayelsa State start from 1st September 2015.The primaries for Kogi governorship will hold on 12 September this year, while that of Bayelsa will take place on 28th of the same month.

Where do your party stand, some people want PMB administration to probe all successive government, should it go beyond the immediate past administration of GEJ, what is your views?

My candid opinion is that President Mohammed Buhari government should probe all successive governments, starting from 1999 till last May 2015 because there has been serious monumental corruption in this country. Many politicians who were not even ready for political offices went there and messed up everything before they left. Others with questionable ways of life went into offices and embezzled public funds. My stand is that all successive governments should be probed, even some members of APC should equally be probed because some of them had occupied one political office or the other after which they stole public money, they must also face the music. APC is made up of different political parties, even some from PDP. Nobody should use a political party as a cover up.

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