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APC Can’t Rule Nigeria On Propaganda

Mr Segun Adewale, popularly known as Aeroland was the Lagos West Senatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the recent elections In this interview with Peter Claver Egbochue and Paul Yovo, he speaks on his chances of claiming victory at the tribunal among sundry issues. Excerpts:

You were at the election tribunal on Tuesday. What happened there?

We don’t have any problem; the only problem is with INEC. Up till now. Most of the documents we are supposed to use at the tribunal were not given by INEC. We only got about 65%, the remaining 35% are key documents. We have a polling unit and Jega created another unit called voting point so most voting point are where those atrocities were done because they were no voting materials at the voting point on the day of election but after the election when we went to court INEC brought results out for those voting point and there was no election at all.

So where did they generate the result from?

Yeah, they did it on their own; we want to petition those EOs on each local government. The election was rigged massively. We have written the petition and taken it to zone 2

Has an action be taking already?

We are still waiting for the police to call the EOs because this is a criminal case. The results were generated; the total number of the result is more than the people that voted in these five local governments of Mushin, Agege, Alimosho, Ifako- ijaiye and ikeja. In fact in the ward, we have about 13,000 people, the result was like we have extra 13,000 votes in a particular ward. We won in all the 10 local governments, that is just the truth, but in those area where we didn’t have any agent, returning officer to fight our cause, that in this ward there was no election there so why are you bringing result from those are the areas where we lost the election You know that at every polling unit after counting, an agent that represents each party always signs. Did anybody sign on your behalf? Nobody did. There was no election in all those places. It’s not the issue of signing; election did not take place in most of this area, especially Ifako Ijayie. But they brought result and there was no election.

It is believed that what played out in 2011 is about playing out again. In 2011, it was heard that you won the election but that you were rigged out, it happened again. Is it that you didn’t take this into consideration in the build out of the 2015 election?

We did, that’s why we have results in some areas. There is no local government that we didn’t have people, but the problem was that, we are fighting with the police and INEC. That is why it was too much for me,that I could not cope. In fact I am saying it now live that the police should come and take me up on this that I said so, especially in Mushin. W What would I do when the person representing me was sent out by the police, so what would I do.

Are you saying that the police was compromised?

Yes, I am saying it live, they should come and take it up, that was what they did in all the areas but why I mentioned Mushin specifically was that I called the Assistant Director of SSS to come and rescue me, that I don’t have anybody in that place and he went to Mushin. He tried but noting was done. We really tried this time around but because of the fight with the police things changed.

So are you optimistic that this time something possible would come out?

Yes I am, we have three grounds, the first ground, and the guy (YAYI) is not eligible to partake in the election because he didn’t follow the statutory 21 days’ notice to INEC, they have to send the date of the primary election, e.g this date was chosen for the primary election, these are the people that are qualified to represent us. But INEC did not support us when we discovered and told them that he was not eligible. They didn’t give us the copies of the document that we need to file with our application. We only petitioned by writing and we need to back it up with the documents, but the one they gave us was very late. Ground 2 is that you can win the election when the result tally with the total number of vote, Ground 3 the election was rigged in 5 local government in their favor, so if you remove the rigged in the wards and polling unit, I add and minus I have won the election, those are my three grounds.

30 days after his inauguration President Buhari is yet to mention the names of his ministers, what’s your take on that?

I am not really against that, although at first I was, but he has been Head of State before so he should have people in mind. You know we only have a party called PDP, there is no party called APC. What we have now is CPC, ACN and the new PDP, so everybody is fighting for their own different interest, if you see that CPC called the president, ACN called the vice and the new PDP called the senate, so that’s it. There is political group in all this, which is why PDP is the best. The only problem with PDP is that if what happen to us did not happen we might not even grow has a party, nobody cares about how much money is stolen. Everybody just does his thing that is why you see APC fighting every day. In PDP there is no godfather, you are on your own and we work together. Let me go back to the issue of ministerial, we can’t have a minister now because all • Adewale the parties would be bringing their own list, the new PDP were the one that actually weakened Jonathan. It pays Nigerian too, because if you appoint ministers now money would go on the changing of wardrobe for the new ministers, N8.4 billon?. If they talk or want a change, the old traditions should not be followed. They just deceived us with the word change and I kept on asking Nigerians change from what and to where. If you just want change, okay we told them let your President Buhari show us his certificate, they said no, even if he presents NEPA bill, we will vote for him. Now they are now questioning the senate president that has been governor for eight years, four years as senator, Sahara Reporters just realised he is not a citizen of Nigeria. Meanwhile when he was fighting Jonathan, we in PDP didn’t publish anything about him. PDP is the best party to join. When he was fighting side by side with Buhari against Jonathan he was a citizen of Nigeria. There is no change anywhere. Over 500 Nigerians have been killed in the northeast we didn’t hear anything, if it was before it would have been front-page news but nobody is talking about it, that is propaganda. They say they are looking for the Chibok girls, how many people are talking about it now? Propaganda. Have they found the Chibok girls? No girls got missing, if they did, why is it that it is only their and no other family member would be crying every time on TV at news time? Don’t they have siblings or cousins? If I get missing somebody else apart from my mother would know me. You can win election with propaganda but you can’t run a nation with propaganda.

If you too had won into the senate would you not accept the wardrobe allowance?

I would accept it, because you know what I would do with it? I would take it back to my community, because if I said no I am not accepting it and 99% of the APC that said they want change accepted the money, so I would just make sure the money is reported. If I was given 2 million I would make sure it is reported that the money was given in cash to the community and spent on people. Maybe my plans would have been for student who can’t afford school uniforms. Those are the people that need the money most. Someone said, if you desire a change in your life, you have to change your life for that change to come. President Buhari is still using the same jet, he has his convoy, and people are still stealing money. The only different is that electricity has been stable compared to before. One month to election there was no fuel at all, just to blackmail Jonathan, even there was not light too, so that people wouldn’t have voted for Jonathan.

From Chief Bisi Akande’s controversial letter, it appears Yoruba elders are beginning to express regret for supporting President Buhari’s election?

To me it is wrong. It’s just one month, it is too early for you to judged, although buhari is not making speed, but that is age. His job is just to bring power back to the north. Ambode came now that they won’t be collecting money for the second tollgate, there is no second tollgate, and they are still collecting money. It’s propaganda. They use the press against us, forging agencies against us, using the bring back our girls campaign, nobody got missing.

During the election, the PDP was not media friendly, Why was this so?

Yes that is what we are paying for now. It is because we don’t have time for propaganda. We need to start carrying the press along. Most of the APC were lifted up with the support of press. There is spirituality too in politics. Most people have been bamboozled.

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