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Wike, Amaechi War Is Almost Over – Princewill

After the recent Supreme court judgement, I spoke from my heart. Just
like then, I feel compelled once more, to say a few words. Having
observed the recent killings, the unrest and the state of insecurity
in the state and with the forthcoming rerun elections in mind, I’d
like to address both my supporters and the supporters of the
candidates in other political parties. Especially the youths.

Political parties come and political parties go, politicians who are
on opposing sides in the morning, may end up exchanging words in the
afternoon and enjoying laughter and drinks together at night. When the
dust settles, we will still need you all, alive and well. My greatest
joy from the last election was that none of my supporters lost their
lives. Bad as e bad, there will always be a tomorrow. Therefore there
will always be hope, as long as we are alive. This is not do or die.
Nobody wants to associate with soul killers. Living by the sword only
invites the sword into your life. Think deeply. Shun all forms of
violence. Even verbal. Carry go will still return back to us. Power is
transient and it rests with God, so please find peace. I needed to say
this to you. And you need to listen.

I will not lie that the implication of the Supreme court judgement on
the card reader is a cause for concern. If PDP can disregard card
readers in 2015, why will APC not attempt to do likewise in 2016? Free
and fair elections were never a standard in these parts, but now, I
fear the arrival of a new low. For those who will still participate in
the exercise, I will not tell you how to vote, my preference has
always been for the person, not the party. Just like I will not insist
my doctor or my Pastor must be a Labour Party member. I’ll vote for
candidates based on their competence. Those who shun violence and have
an agenda for their people, will always get my attention. As I said in
my last statement, any Labour party candidate who is serious and needs
my support, they will certainly get it. I know a few, so I will
support them. Life is not black and white. There are more than two

Both Amaechi and Wike are my friends. I don’t hate either of them. We
had differences in political opinion and sometimes disagreed on method
and approach, even when there was agreement on direction. On the
subject of Jonathan, I agreed with Wike. On the subject of the 2015
election in Rivers state and its conduct, I agreed with Amaechi. Both
issues are now in the past and so we have to move on. Wether you like
it or not, Wike is the Governor of Rivers state and so his failures or
successes belong to all of us. I will always continue to volunteer my
support to either of them, in the event they seek it, providing I can
do so from within my party and they are prepared to genuinely listen.
I will not take sides with either PDP or APC. To me, they are both the
same. Two sides. Same coin.

Besides, this is not the time for division, it is the time to unite.
Granted there is a rerun election on the way, but it will soon come
and go. By His grace, we will still be here. Let us think beyond just
elections. Now that I am back, I will seek to build consensus where we
can agree, between parties and among the political class. Wike,
Dakuku, myself. The challenging environment that we are faced with,
impacts all of us. We need a multi party approach to our problems and
all hands will need to be on deck to achieve solutions. Wike is
Governor for all. Not just PDP. He needs to avoid responding to every
APC comment, avoid the pettiness of politics and focus on governance.
Yes the elections don’t help, but fortunately they are around the
corner. So let them come and go. We are falling behind. We have no
time to quarrel and fight. People are leaving PH daily and so are the
businesses. Insecurity is rife. Where will the jobs come from and how
are we going to empower the youth? That alone should be the priority
for all of us. So please do not die for APC or PDP. Live for Rivers
state and let Rivers state live for you.

Let me close by saying that as much as I have focused these past few
months on getting my businesses back on track and finishing projects
like my movie 76, I have never taken my heart or my eyes away from
Rivers state. I see the senseless killings and I condemn them in their
entirety. I put a lot personally into moving this state forward. I
wanted to make Rivers state a new “Dubai” as Governor, but God had a
different plan for us. It must not be me leading, but this Rivers
state must still move forward. That is non-negotiable. I felt the same
way in 2007. I feel the same way today. I pray that we select our
words, choose love over hate and forgive those who have trespassed
against us. To all those I have offended, let me be the first to beg
for your forgiveness. It is time to let bygones be bygones. We all
make mistakes. That is why pencils have erasers. There is plenty of
work that is needed to be done. Let us agree to begin to do it.

God bless you’re
God bless Rivers state
God bless the Niger Delta and
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Prince Tonye T.J.T Princewill

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