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Herdsmen’s Genocidal Gambits And Adamant Presidency

The pseudo and quasi federal practice foisted by the military regimes backed by the feudal oligarchy has not allowed good governance to take its rightful place in Nigeria

– Polycarp Onwubiko

For the first time, President Muhammadu Buhari reacted to the genocidal gambits of lawless Fulani herdsmen who uncon­scionably drive their cattle into farmlands, rap­ing women, slaughtering resisting farmers and burning houses; while the supposed Nigeria police feign helpless since they naively believe that the accursed Nigeria belongs to the North­ern Moslems. Thanks to the radical Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state who believed that the trip of the President to Saudi Arabia was subtle steps to Islamize the country; even as he never regarded the terrorists rampage of the Fulani herdsmen better described as hordes from the pith of hell who are meant to be habiting the caves, mountings and thick forests as worth his attention.

It was his spurious reaction that goaded the President to direct an investigation into the horrendous killings in Agatu local government council, Benue state by Fulani herdsmen whose modus operandi depicts an agenda not only to subdue the people of middle-belt but to over-run the entire ethnic groups in Nigeria in line with the proclamation of their political and religious founding fathers to “throw Koran into the At­lantic ocean”.

According to Nats Onoja Agbo in the Daily Independent February 27 2016, “for more than 8 hours on February 23, a mysterious helicopter hovered over four communities in Aguta local government council of Benue state where some Fulani herdsmen were engaged in battle with the natives…the natives claimed that it was dropping food, arms and ammunitions for the Fulani insurgents”. In utter exasperation, Dr.

Enoch Malachi cried out to President Muham- madu Buhari over the mindless massacre of over 300 indigenes of Agatu by the apparently sponsored Fulani terrorists, causing humanitar­ian crises and refuges in a country that is not  at war with another country.

Similar gory tales was reported in the Van­guard, February 27 whereby curfew was im­posed in Taraba community as Fulani herds­men slaughtered people including the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps personnel. In a seemingly orchestrated and coordinated rampage, the devils incarnate again slaughtered a man and his sister at Ajona-Agbobo in Abi community of Uzo-Uwani local government council of Enugu state. The February 28 2016 edition of Sunday Sun displayed the gory sight of the dead man where his back was gorged in two places with machete of the Fulani insur­gents on an obvious mission. Similar mindless slaughtering was carried out six months ago but the naive and conniving Nigeria Police feigned weak-knead as the terrorists were above the law; even as it has gone out of hand as a North­erner is in charge of the corporate affairs of the apparently accursed country. In an article captioned “Menace of herdsmen” by one Eve­lyn Usman, Vanguard February 27 she like a senator from Anambra state naively suggested that the federal government should ensure the presence of police in all remote areas. They sounded like people who just returned from far country.

The fact is that the gambit of the herdsmen is an agenda of the northern Moslems as none of them dare condemn the willful genocide. That is why they vehemently kick against true federal­ism with the inherent state police, prisons and criminal justice delivery administration. The na­ively prefer centralized security system contrary to federal practice the world over to control the country.

The genocide of the Fulani herdsmen reflects the dysfunctional federal system of govern­ance in Nigeria. It is not enough for President Buhari to ask for an investigation on the Agatu massacre [still going on as at Monday] and the mysterious helicopter. The mysterious helicop­ter had been reported in similar genocide in Plateau state but when the Hon. Member from the state wanted to throw light on the matter, the former speaker, Tambuwal shouted him down; and in line with the covert agenda of the North­ern Moslems, the matter was dumped. The supposed investigation will not see the light of day similar to other investigations; it is make- believe because it concerns the northern Mos­lems. If such investigations were directed by the President, the genocide would have stopped.

It appears that the whole ethnic groups in the middle-belt and south have become stupefied, helpless and resigned to their fate. Last year, Senator Banarbas Gemade in a press confer­ence reeled out hundreds of gory incidents where the Fulani terrorists slaughtered, maimed and burned houses and farmlands of people in Benue state. Since their people have resigned their fate to be perpetual slaves of the northern Moslems through ACF and illegal Northern Ni­geria Governors Forum (instead of north- east, north- west and the north- central governors fo­rum respectively) ; even as their legislators in the national assembly timidly align with their colonizers in bills proposed in the houses.

The people of south-west states simply made ‘gragra’ when the murderous gangs kidnapped Chief Olu Falae. The searing fact remains that until the people of the middle-belt and southern part of the country resolve to compel a return to True Federalism or con-federation so as to frontally address the lopsided structure of the country, the myriad of institutional injustice, inequity, ingrained corruption in the over-cen­tralized government due to the brazenly violated principles of federal system of government, will continue, which portends social instability be in the country.

The pseudo and quasi federal practice foisted by the military regimes backed by the feudal oli­garchy has not allowed good governance to take its rightful place in Nigeria.

There is nowhere in the world today where human beings are left to live like wild animals and mingling with people and constituting mor­tal danger to people.

The searing fact is that the feudal caliphate is not relenting in their ultra-conservative agenda to silence all other ethnic groups in the country. However, it should be hammered into their con­sciousness that what the genocide of the herds­men is a time bomb that would signal the end of this accursed country. There is a limit to en­durance by the ethnic groups who are invaded by the Fulani terrorists since no group has the monopoly of genocidal gambit.

It has become clear that the Nigerian Police is tied to the apron string of the feudal caliphate hence no police dare to arrest the herdsmen. Ni­gerian Police and other security agents are pro­active and agile only in the southern part of the country. At a tip-off, they would search houses and recover guns from people without license; but they feign weak-knead and helpless to arrest the rampaging Fulani herdsmen with guns with­out license. The army would station their camp at Aba to kill pro-Biafra agitators without arms but would not go to Agatu to shoot the terrorists who wield guns without license. One Nigeria indeed!

  • Mr Onwubiko is an author and public af­fairs analyst, wrote in via polymbiko@yahoo. com, from Awka, Anambra State.
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