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Governor Udom Emmanuel And The Dakkada Renaissance

It was a significant movement that changed the perception, thinking, and world view for good. The renaissance was a wakeup call that reshaped the lives of the people of the medieval Europe

In the 14th century, the Renaissance was a revival in Classical Art, architecture, literature and learning in Europe. This rebirth started in Italy before it spread to all parts of Europe.

This was a watershed, a transition from medieval to modern times. It was a significant movement that changed the perception, thinking, and world view for good. The renaissance was a wakeup call that reshaped the lives of the people of the medieval Europe. There was humanism, the reawakening of vernacular literature.

With Renaissance, the intellectual landscape of the Italians, and Europeans at large was transformed forever, as it was a philosophical rebirth in learning, an inspiration and a movement. Governor Udom Emmanuel is an enigma of a sort.

The strength and intellectual acumen he is bringing to governance is legendary; he seems to be under pressure to deliver his campaign promises to the people of the state in the shortest possible time. How can one quantify the number of projects he has initiated in his first 100 days in office? That is not the subject of this piece, it is the philosophical rebirth, and reawakening call on the people of Akwa Ibom State to arise to greatness, a reawakening of the psyche of an average Akwa Ibomite to utilize his full potential, stand out to be counted in a crowd anywhere in the world. It is a call to rise above political party affiliations, ethnic sentiments and tribal chauvinism. Dakkada means ‘arise’ it is a Creed, a philosophy.

The governor in his speech on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the creation of Akwa Ibom State which coincided with the launching of the Dakkada Creed, called on the citizenry to collectively initiate the state into the path of moral transformation and spiritual rebirth, harnessing our true potentials of greatness and moral transformation and re-orientation. He saw Dakkada as a call to faith that, with God all things are possible. Yes, AKwa Ibom People can rise above their primordial biases, ethnicity, hatred, bigotry and exclusionary tendencies, the governor posited.

As in the Renaissance period in Europe, the Akwa Ibom People, both at home and in the Diaspora should deepen their value – sets, re-invent the spirit of creativity and chart a new course for the present and future generations, the governor charged. The governor rued the misplacement of the core value of an Akwa Ibom person which includes integrity and honesty, other Nigerian trusted us with their homes, kitchens, children, jeweries as servitude became a badge pinned on us. This is a new beginning, the real and true spirit of Akwa Ibom has emerged, bold, confident, self-assured, loyal and inspirational. A new spirit is breezing through Akwa Ibom State, a spirit of greatness, a spirit not willing to play the second fiddle, a mind conditioned to achieve success against odds and limitations. The spirit of Dakkada has already existed in the people of Akwa Ibom State.

Some of the Dakkada ambassadors are people with exceptional talents. Ufot Ekong, an indigene of Etinan a first class graduate of Toka, University in Japan, he broke a 50 year old academic record, and solved a mathematical equation that had remained unsolved for 30 years. He is an academia per excellence, and proudly an Akwa Ibom son. As a Dakkada ambassador, he will inspire other Akwa Ibom student to get to the top of their academic pursuits. When this icon came to the State with his laurels, he was received at the airport by the State governor who appreciates talents and achievers.

Another Ambassador, Vincent Enyeama is a prolific goal keeper, Vincent, from Ika started his career in his Primary School days, he rose to be among the team of Eyimba Football Club that won the CAF Champions League back to back. He went to Israel to pursue his career before going to France where he is the safe hands of Lille FC. He has served the nation as number one goal keeper before his retirement from international football recently. Enyeama has inspired many Akwa Ibom footballers who are excelling in their chosen profession. Ini Edo is another Dakkada Ambassador.

She is an epitome of beauty and brains. She stands out among her peers in the film industry of Nigeria known as Nollywood. Ini, from Awa -Iman, LGA can interpret any role, be it a village girl or a sophisticated urban lady. She has inspired a lot of young Akwa Ibom girls into acting. There is Aniekeme Alphosius, a multiple medalist in the youth Commonwealth games. She is an athlete par excellence and the sky is her launching pad as she is set to take the athlete world by storm.

There are other Ambassadors, Akwa Ibom Sons and Daughters who had risen to greatness in their chosen callings; the Spirit of Dakkada is to bring out these potentials in an average Akwa Ibom person. The inferiority complex which was our cross has been eroded away, we can now stand tall any where we find ourselves. The Dakkada philosophy charges an Akwa Ibom person to self re-examination, who am I? What are my potentials? How can I harness my potentials to stand out? These are the questions each Akwa Ibom Citizen should ask himself.

The pull Down syndrome which had prevented us from growing should be discarded, Dakkada should lead us to self discovery, it should lead us to love one another irrespective of ethnic groups. Dakkada should throw Emmanuel Ayandele’s assessment of our people as an atomistic society perpetually at war with itself into the trash can. The logo of Dakkada is unique, a raised palm with the map of Akwa Ibom State as a base, the word Dakkada boldy written around the map and the five fingers at the top. The raised hand signifies awakening and uprising.

It is captured in the colour of the State, orange. The concept of Dakkada is not ephemeral, it is not just another slogan that will wither away with time, it is a philosophy that is instilled in the psyche of every Akwa Ibom citizen, it is a cliché that is embroidered in our souls and will pass from generation to generation. It is a watershed in the existence of our people, a departure from mental slavery, and an embrace of greatness, a farewell to poverty, and a triumphant entry into a life of both spiritual and material bliss. Dakkada is a movement, like all movements, it carries along only willing passengers, those who will be left behind by this movement will have themselves to blame.

Dakkada is not just standing up or arising, what are you rising up for? One should rise up for something great, something worthwhile, something that is permanent. The philosophy of rising up penetrates into the very fabrics of our existence. The concept is introduced into our school system from the primary level, it will sink in from the cradle so that it will stand the test of time. The Governor Deacon Udom Emmanuel will be remembered forever for this philosophy, generations unborn will be grateful to him, and history will be kind to him for this wakeup call. Ami Ndo eyen Akwa Ibom, “Mme Dakkanda”.



-Nelson Utip

•Nelson Utip wrote in via nelsonutip@yahoo. com.

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