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Dismantling The ISIS Terror Machine

Iyoha John Darlington

The Islamic State Of Iraq and Syria, aka (ISIS), doubtlessly poses a global threat to international peace and security. Thousands have been slain and are being slain daily by a group of savages under the cloak of Islam. Sometimes last year, in September to be precise, news about their atrocities took our crew to the French capital of Paris. What we saw there is better imagined than real, as hundreds of French Muslims took to the streets of Paris and its environments protesting against the Islamic State, days after the killing of a French man in Algeria.

Human life is sacred but often wantonly taken by some brutes under the guise of religious extremism. This is a dangerous anti-social practice which every religion under the sun frowns upon. Irked by this, French Muslims, as very civilised beings, last year took to the streets in their hundreds to dissociate themselves from the atrocities being committed in war-torn Syria and Iraq by these Islamic State death merchants.

Scores of Westerners have been killed by these savages and an ill-conceived campaign is on course to kill as many Westerners as possible in Europe, Canada and the US. ‘Brutish’, if you ask me, remains the only adjective to qualify this behaviour by a group of homosapiens doubtless from an extinct barbarian tribe.

Terror is the only language they understand and speak to defenceless civilians, calling to mind their recent attack on a Christiandominated town in Iraq and the shocking decapitation of seventy-five unarmed civilians. This ruthless behaviour is on the ascending order of magnitude and daily makes news headlines around the world. Mass executions, beheadings and other extreme acts of brutality have become their distinctive trademarks.

Iraqi and Syrian forces have them to contend with. ISIS employs guerilla attacks and seems to be recording victories over the seemingly feeble armies of Iraq and Syria. In all, it has been a pyrrhic victory for them! One question that agitates the mind of this writer is: How could these brutes be tamed and their terror network dismantled? I foresee a global catastrophe if these charging bulls are not tamed through equally brute force.

There is no denying the fact that excruciating pain has been inflicted on families and friends whose beloved ones have fallen by the swords of ISIS. More atrocities are still being perpetrated in a senseless bid to actualise a sovereign Islamic Caliphate in the embattled regions.

Their message is far-spreading to other parts of the world, especially Africa. Only recently, the leader of the outlawed terror group in Nigeria, Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ( ISIS).

Although the Nigerian Army appears to be dislodging them from     captured towns and winning the war, but the latter’s attack on unarmed civilians has continued with undiminished intensity. In Kenya, for instance, no fewer than 140 people were brutally killed by Al-Shabab, an outlawed terrorist organisation in war-torn Somalia.

One wonders into what dangers this trans-border attacks would lead the world. If this heinous crime could be committed in Kenya by a foreign terrorist organisation, chances are that their evil tentacles could be spread to other parts of the globe; and that places every civil division on mother earth in a vulnerable position. This is a war that requires full military cooperation of all countries because no God or gods condone/s this act of terror.

The co-operation of countries in the Middle East must be sought, especially the rogue regime in Iran, which has been implicated in a series of state sponsorship of terrorism, and this borders on a draft authorisation of military force. ISIS, if you ask me, does not have the military capability to either withstand or defeat multinational forces in the event of full-blown hostilities. I remain firm in my conviction on this, but I stand to be corrected, however.

As the world doubtless shakes with terror today we must bear in mind, however, that this war will not be as easy as winking, for there would be many dissenting voices to contend with. Like I have said, this requires the co-operation of all countries and, of course, our collective efforts, in order to remove their deadly sword that hangs over our heads like the ancient sword of Damocles. During Napoleon Bonaparte’s military campaign to gain control of the Iberian peninsula, if we can all recall from dim memory, he ran into pockets of resistance and fought many little wars.

This is to be expected in a bid to root out these vermin and make the world a safe place for all. It, therefore, behooves the USA as the world’s ethics policeman to spearhead this fight by mobilising its allies and non-allies alike. China and Russia must not stay aloof but play active roles because to remain neutral would send wrong signals to the rest of the world. If the mad dogs are left in this wild rage, we shall all find ourselves in dishonourable graves.

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