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Back Off Your Jonathan-hate, Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso

Ralphs Okey Nwosu

The continuous attacks and display of ill-will by the Kano state governor towards President Goodluck Jonathan keeps me wondering what kind of a leader the now APC-Senatorelect is. Governor Kwakwanso has used every opportunity within the last four years to show deep-rooted prejudice and contempt for the President.

The governor’s Almajari singsong of late is distressing. According to him, he used Kano Almajiris to vote out Jonathan. The governor also accuses the President of polarizing the country, promoting Christian-Moslem and north-south dichotomy, and instigating tribalism. I am convinced that history and records will speak for President Jonathan. The President did not embrace a robust Almajiri program in other to exploit their vulnerability for his ambition. He did not invest in upgrading existing educational institutions and building new ones for any parochial reason.

He was putting in place the infrastructure to power the transformation that he had promised Nigerians. I consider the other bogus accusations made by Kwakwanso as self-defeatist contemplations. How could anyone cast the government of Jonathan as being incompetent, of promoting divisiveness and parochialism in the polity, or of sponsoring ethnic cleansing, Boko Haram, and terrorism? I urge the governor of Kano and any of the other PDP decampees that are accusing Jonathan of various offenses to look at themselves closely in the mirror.

One remembers how the same governor of Kano mobilised standagainst late Mrs Uzoamaka Nwizu when she was appointed the Immigration boss by General Obasanjo; and how he incited Northern leaders to make a demand of President Jonathan that Dr Festus Odimegwu, the erstwhile Chairman of the National Population Commission NPC, be removed because he raised issues about the nation’s population conundrum. I do not want to be too harsh on my friend Governor Kwankwaso, but I sincerely want to make him and others to sit back and reflect.

Being human we are entitled to our feelings. However people of my generation, those between that ages of 50 to 65 years from North or South need to reexamine their consciences and evaluate how we faired when the leadership of this country was entrusted to Jonathan between 2009 and 2015. Did we embrace and support the change, or did we treat the individual saddled with the highest position in the land with contempt?

Could the smear campaign on President Jonathan be borne out of resentment for how he went from being a classroom teacher to Deputy Governor, to become Governor, and then rapidly to President? Is it that those that were governors, Senators, Ministers, from 1999 through 2007 could not stand him becoming the number one citizen before they could get there themselves? A true reality check will help the governor of Kano to exercise restraint in his negative attitude towards the President and his wife, and allow them finish the seamless transition which they have started and retire in peace.

Whatever shortcomings Jonathan may have as a person and president, the outcome of the 2015 election is not a victory for any member of my generation. It is rather an indication of our collective failure. This behavior of our people requires further and deeper inquiry. Our propensity to becloud the truth for personal or caucus benefit has done much harm to the nation’s integrity and needs to be tackled. This is why I request Governor Kwankwaso and all other voices of discord to shut up, as there is a lot of work to be done. You all must find a way to assist General Buhari to succeed in a modern world.

The confusion, propaganda, sabotage, and divide-and-rule of the last four years has weakened our public institutions and security agencies and created deep gulfs across the land. People have no confidence in government; all three tiers and arms inclusive. The military, state security personnel and the police are also running on a trust deficit.

The Buhari government cannot function in a vacuum. They will need the entire spectrum of all available systems working in consort to succeed. It is time for the “roof-rofo” politics to stop, and for healing and nation building to begin. God bless Nigeria

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