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Youth Threaten Forceful Takeover Of PDP

Patrick Osadebamwen, Abuja

Disturbed by the crisis which has engulfed the leadership of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), concerned youths of the party, Tuesday, gave a seven-day ultimatum to the leadership of the party to resolve its conflict and set the part on a new course or risk forceful takeover.

The youth group said they had to take the decision as it was embarrassing for a structured party like the PDP to allow itself to be so ridiculed over emergence of legitimate leadership that would provide the needed opposition the country sought at a time such as this.

Addressing journalists at the National Secretariat of the party in Abuja, Hon. Aderemi Olusegun and Prince Shield Nwazuruahu said the youths have made wide consultation and resolved that if the leadership crisis of the party was not resolved by the various organs of the party, they would mobilise the youth of the party across the country and take over the party.

“We are deeply saddened by the unabated internal wrangling besetting our dear party. As concerned youths, we deem it necessary to come together to take a firm position in the interest of party members nationwide.

“We believe that we have waited enough on the party stakeholders since the Port Harcourt convention to amicably resolve this lingering problem about the party leadership. In the last 24 hours, we consulted widely with different youth groups, women and patriots in our party, and we therefore after emergency meeting in the National Headquarters (Wadata Plaza) resolve as follows:

“We are giving the leadership of the party (which includes the BOT, Governors’ Forum, warring groups and other stakeholders) a 7-day ultimatum to resolve this intractable but avoidable rancour.

“However, if this is not resolved, we shall be compelled to mobilize all concerned youths nationwide to take over the affairs of the party, as we have started putting in place an effective structure to take over the party secretariat.

“The PDP as a party is bigger than individuals and groups, therefore, we will henceforth not tolerate anyone to take the party for a ride. We are therefore demanding the immediate withdrawal of all pending litigations in the court of law, so that we can amicably resolve all issues (that is what PDP is known for – Dialogue).

“It is pertinent to note and sad that our leaders do not consider the effect of their actions on the forthcoming governorship elections in Edo and Ondo States, which are likely to affect the fortune of the party.

“Our party members, world over, are seriously disillusioned and unhappy.

“We have therefore constituted an 11-man committee to liaise with all the parties concerned and stakeholders so as a matter of urgency resolve all disagreements in our party.

“We shall be making further demands known to all the stakeholders in order to reposition our party as a viable alternative for all Nigerians. We will be back, better and stronger and we will in all sincerity serve the interest of Nigerians, because we know indeed that our countrymen and women are waiting on the PDP, the duo stated in their joint press conference”, the youths said.

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