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Young Nigerian Scientist Develops 2 Digital Media Platforms

A 31-year-old Nigerian scientist, Mr Emmanuel Gabriel, has developed two digital social media platforms to market Nigeria and Africa to the world. Gabriel told the News Agency of Nigeria after launching the platforms yesterday in Abuja that they would compete favourably with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and other global digital outlets.

He said that OpenBinacle and GleeOn would offer free digital broadcast streaming services through locally produced chips and sensors to enable millions of people across the world to interact freely and uninterruptedly.

According to the scientist, OpenBinacle is a “next generation of social media and artificial intelligence portal’’ that would capture all sectors of human endeavour and provide free advertisements via SMS. “It enables users to stream live broadcast for free and share live snapshot photos, live channels, video, audio tracks and voice-notes.

“It allows users to advertise for free. The more users connect with people, the more their adverts are viewed. “It brings amazing social experiences to human lives via our artificial intelligence algorithms, sensors and identifiers, which can communicate with physical embedded objects that would change the way we connect with people, safety location checks and allow people to interact in a smarter way.

“It allow interactions between friends, family or new people nearby, in the same GSM or ISP network with you, in the same industry, other industries and around the world. “This means, recharge card sellers can trade their business on OpenBinacle,’’ he said. On GleeOn, the scientist described it as a “premium video streaming and online payment gateway portal’’.

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