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Yoruba Leader Clears Air On Pipeline Protection Contract

Ladi Kayode, Abeokuta

National Coordinator of Odua People’s Congress (OPC), Gani Adams, has denied speculations that former President Goodluck Jonathan administration awarded contract for protection of petroleum facilities/ pipelines in the South-West to the congress for political reasons and self benefits.

Adams faulted the rumour during a monitored radio live programme of Rockcity F.M, ‘Day Breakshow’ in Abeokuta, explaining that, the contract was for the benefit of the country, saving it from daily loss of trillions of naira to oil cartel.

He emphasized that, nothing was political about the contract, stressing further that, the group (OPC) had been on it for the past two and half years before Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) agreed to give the contract based on the performances of some members of the group in Sagamu who had done the job protecting the pipelines facilities between Ore and Mosinmi Depot.

The OPC leader noted that 80% of those politicizing the contract are people who were interested in using the group as political thugs and not to empower them financially, adding that the contract was just for three months which terminated on June 15 Adams stated further that, similar contract was awarded to Asari Dokubo and other ex-militant leaders in the Niger- Delta region during Obasanjo’s administration, saying the job of protecting pipeline facilities is best done by those who live within the communities.

He lamented that, the congress lost two of its members to vandals within the period, while some others sustained injuries and were still recuperating in the hospital, just as he added that, the NNPC authority was yet to pay the contract fees after the expiration of the agreement.

The OPC coordinator said no amount was paid throughout the period of executing the contract, attributing it to errors on the part of Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), in signing the contract, but however expressed confidence that the money would be paid very soon, in view of the legal agreement signed by the two bodies.

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