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Woman Flees Over ‘Forced Marriage’, Threat To Life

A middle-aged man, Olasunkanmi Orija, has raised the alarm over threat by his uncle, Chief Olatunji Adigun, on his mother, Mercy Orija, for refusing to marry him.

Olasunkanmi said in an affidavit sworn to at an Ikeja High Court that, her mother incurred the anger of his uncle when she refused to engage in levirate marriage with him after the death of his father.

In the affidavit dated September 19, 2016 , Olasunkanmi alleged that Adigun had insisted on forcing his way to marry his mother contrary to her will, claiming that the decision was in line with Yoruba tradition.

But Olasunkanmi told the court that contrary to the claim, Adigun intended to marry Mercy with the aim of inheriting the series of properties, including houses, left by his late father, who was a businessman before his death.

He explained that Adigun believed that Mercy, who is the only wife of his elder brother, was the obstacle to his inheriting the houses and other valuables left behind by his deceased father.

The middle-aged man stressed that her mother’s refusal led to his late father’s half-brother’s attacks on Mercy, even with plan to kill her if she refused to engage in love with him.

He said in the affidavit: “That Chief Olatunji Adigun, a half-brother to my late father, is my uncle who has indicated his interest to engage in levirate marriage with my mother.

“She has suffered series of persecutions in the hands of my uncle, Chief Olatunji Adigun.” Olasunkanmi also declared on oath, while further stressing that he and his elder sister also had faced persecution in the hands of their uncle.

Olasunkanmi said: “He had eventually confiscated all our father’s properties, even the house we were living in at Ijeja, he chased me out.

“He said as my mother had run away with the documents to the properties, we will not have access to any.”

Olasunkanmi,who is  now squatting with friends, declared: “That on Friday, September 2, 2016, Chief Olatunji Adigun got angry, rained abuses and curses on my mother (in absentia) and threatened to deal with her anytime he sees her as my mum has become a stumbling block to his desire to legitimately inherit my father’s properties.

“That I’m aware that due to this serious threat my mother ran into hiding for safety to avoid the wrath of my uncle, who daily continues to threaten and search for my mother.”

Olasunkanmi also said in the affidavit: “And that her life is in danger up till now, thus the need for her to be in hiding.  That Chief Olatunji Adigun refused to give my mother peace of mind, and insisted on killing her.”

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