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With Justice You Can Govern Sule Tells Buhari

Dyepkazah Shibayan, Abuja

A foremost northern politician, Maitama Sule yesterday advised the President Elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari to establish firmly, a good justice system that will be of benefit to Nigerian citizens irrespective of where they come from emphasising that the country will be governed well with a good justice system in place. Sule stated this when he and representatives from the Northern Elders Forum paid the President Elect a congratulatory visit in Abuja.

“With justice, you can rule Nigeria well. Justice is the key, irrespective of tribes, religion and race, justice must be done to who so ever deserve it. “ Behind every crisis anywhere in the world is injustice and the solution to that is justice. “The world itself can never be govern by force or by fear nor by power, in the end, what governs is the mind, what conquers is the spirit and what governs the mind and spirit are justice and fair play, “he said.

He advised Buhari that when he formerly assumes power, he should not discriminate against any part of the country adding that the President Elect will be one of the greatest leaders Nigeria will ever have. Sule also described Buhari as a disciplined individual that will instill discipline in the Nigerian society adding that during his military regime he fought corruption. “I’m sure you won’t compromise your principles. “It was the same Buhari who gave Nigeria a sense of direction in the past, “Sule told the audience. He further prayed that God will give the President Elect good advice and advisors adding that the way the just concluded general elections went was an act of God.

“We want to thank God, what happened to Nigeria was an act of God, and God has brought about this change”. Responding, Buhari said that the delegation should persuade their constituencies that it is not possible to change the state of affairs in a very short time. “The biggest message is to try and persuade the people that it is not possible to change the state of affairs now. “It took 16 years and those 16 years, most of you know it better than myself, Nigeria earned revenue more than what it earned from 1914 to then, “Buhari explained. He said that the people’s expectations must be tampered with some form of justice to the incoming administration. “You know that we use to have Nigeria Airways, Nigeria shipping line, Nigeria Railways.

Where are they now? Where is the infrastructure. “Between then and now and what we earned in-between and what is on ground. That is how efficiently how the PDP managed Nigeria in the last 16 years. Now we have invariably inherited all the problems, especially in the north east”.

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