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‘We’re Offered $1m To Impeach Fayose’

Toyin Anisulowo, Ado Ekiti

Members of the Ekiti State House of Assembly have raised the alarmover an alleged plot to coerce them into impeaching Governor Ayodele Fayose.
They said at a media briefing yesterday that of $1 million was being dangled before members who may be willing to join the plot.
They however did not name who was dangling the money before them.
The Assembly members, who vowed not to collaborate with anyone totruncate the government of Governor Fayose, said they wereprepared to spend the rest of their tenure in DSS gulag, instead ofjoining people they said were “roundly defeated in five straight electionsto cause another political instability in Ekiti State”.
Chairman of the House Committee onInformation, Hon GboyegaAribisogan, who addressed the press, said that “in the last fourdays, eight of our members had been visited by some men, who claimedto be officials of the DSS”.
“Our members were told that their names were among those to bearrested and they must ‘cooperate’ if they do not want their bankaccounts frozen and be kept in DSS detention indefinitely”, he alleged.
The lawmakers said the 2006 experience, in which Assembly members inEkiti State were hounded in EFCC detention and made to signimpeachment of Governor Fayose on the table of the EFCC Chairman willnot be repeated in the State.
Aribisogan, who was flanked by 12 other members of the House ofAssembly said; “We are here to inform the public, through your variousmedium, the open involvement of men of the Department of State Service(DSS) from Abuja in the plot to unseat our State Governor, Mr PeterAyodele Fayose.
“The last Friday invasion of the State House of Assembly by armed menof the DSS, in which four of our members were abducted, has beenestablished to be a prelude to the clandestine plot to coerce membersof the House of Assembly to impeach Governor Fayose.
“As at today, even Hon Afolabi Akanni that we were able to confirm waswith the DSS in Abuja is being held incommunicado. No one has beengiven access to him, not even his lawyers and doctors. We do not haveany information as to the whereabouts of the other three.
“We are aware of the plot to arrest no fewer than 18 of our memberswith a view to forcing them to sign impeachment notice againstGovernor Fayose.
“The plot is being hatched by the same elements who masterminded theimpeachment of Governor Fayose in 2006, which was eventually declaredillegal by the Supreme Court and they are boasting of support of theDSS and the Presidency.
“In the last four days, eight of our member had been visited by somemen, who claimed to be officials of the DSS. Our members were toldthat their names were among those to be arrested and they must“cooperate” if they do not want their bank accounts frozen and be keptin DSS detention indefinitely.
“They went on to promise that proper arrangement had been made for theimpeachment of the governor, with a sum of $1 million alreadyearmarked for sharing among “cooperating” assembly members.
“Also, our members were told that they will be provided withsoft-landing in the APC if they cooperate. One of them revealed thatthey promised to make him the Speaker, and eventually the ActingGovernor.
“We however wish to tell the plotters of evil against the governmentof Ayodele Fayose and by extension the people of Ekiti State that we,members of the State House of Assembly are not interested in theirevil plot.
“We are prepared to spend the rest of our tenure in DSS cell, insteadof joining people that we roundly defeated in five straight electionsto cause another political instability in Ekiti State.
“These agents of destabilisation should be reminded of the 2006episode, which was responsible for Ekiti State having six governors inthree years!
“Most importantly, Governor Fayose is our benefactor. He is our leaderon whose political strength we are members of the State House ofAssembly. We can even be called his stooges, we don’t mind. We willnever do anything to jeopardise his interest and be extension,interests of Ekiti people.
“We therefore wish to state unequivocally that we are not interestedin any $1 million.
“We won’t because of any blood money join forces with enemies of ourState, who are desirous of destabilising the State just because theylost power.”

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